And the winners of the 20 lifetime Outpost Security Suite Pro licenses are…

On Friday I posted about a dotTech Exclusive giveaway of free 20 lifetime Outpost Security Suite Pro licenses. If I say so my self, the response from dotTechies was stupendous. The winners have been decided; I used a random number generating system as promised:

Congratulations to those who won and better luck next time to those that did not. Everyone that won, everyone who is listed above, please check your e-mail for your license. Agnitum will send you one soon. I noticed some people used “spam” e-mails – be sure to check them if you won! Be sure to add to your whitelist/safelist so the e-mail does not get sent to your junk/spam box! Be sure to add to your whitelist/safelist so the e-mail does not get sent to your junk/spam box.

Update: The e-mails have been sent out. Check your junk/spam box if you are a winner and you can’t find the e-mail.

Thank you to Agnitum for sponsoring the giveaway and thank you to everyone that participated. Keep in mind if you did not win and would like lifetime license of Outpost Firewall Pro, you can get it – for a limited time – for $49.95 single PC or $69.99 3 PCs! There are also many other special deals running on Outpost Security Suite Pro and other software – check out to find out more. As I have said before, you don’t have to spend money to have excellent protection but if you do spend money on software, security software are always a worthy investment.

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  • damien

    Some of the winners of the Paragon 10 are also winners again….some of those who won previous ones are winners again….

    randomly lucky…

  • Thanks a bunch, Ashraf. I’ll try to show my gratitude by writing up a new article..that is, if I can find something to write about. Seems as if you have done a good job covering just about anything we may need to know about. :P

  • Frankie

    Congrats to all winners!

    Thanks Ashraf!

    Thanks Agnitum!

  • Ryan

    Congrats to all winners. Ashraf, you have done a good job in everything you do. I’m like others who didn’t post much but visit your site everyday and appreciate all comments and reviews because I’m not good in the technical aspects of hardware and software. But, as you mentioned earlier I will learn to post more on “Thank you” notes in future. Thanks again for all your efforts and good reviews and free softwares. You’re the man.

  • Shueygal

    Ashraf, just wanted to post again to let you know that the email came in just fine. Installation went perfectly. Sorry that Giovanni is upset. Realize that everyone wanted to be one of the winners. Perhaps he was correct in stating that he “may be incorrect” in saying that none of the people who won had ever posted to your site…..look again sir. Thanks again Ashraf, and I as many others do not post every day, but I do visit each day, and value your reviews more than any other source, as I am certainly in need of computer guidance. Hope this all works out the best for all concerned, but sorry to say, it makes more work for you Ashraf. Keep up the great work.

  • D.S.

    Congrats to all winners. : )

    Can’t believe I won. Much thanks to Ashraf and Agnitum for the opportunity. :D

  • First, congratulations to the winners !!!

    Ashraf, as you mentioned just above (post #25), I will try to put up a comment here & there. I’m always amazed at the detail you put into your GOTD reviews, with the instructional videos, circled and arrowed information, etc… You do nice work! And I’m sure a lot of people, like myself, notice & realize, but don’t take the time to say a quick word or two or three… or two hundred & 23 like Giovanni (!, just kidding, G, I enjoy your comments & recommendations also).

    Your site deserves all the good visitors it gets; you have put a lot of time, energy, good will, networking with vendors, valuable information and links into it, plus more. Thank-you again. I know I will get an honest review here.

  • Sandeep

    Hey Ashraf,

    Thanks a lot to you and Outpost for making this happen.

    Congrats to all the license winners. Better luck to me and everyone else who didn’t won.


  • Ashraf

    @Clodmore: No problem! I know more about dotTech than Giovanni. I understand just because people don’t post doesn’t mean they don’t visit. Giovanni is angry he didn’t win =P. However, at the same time I do agree with him a little bit. I would like people to post comments every now and then even if it is a simple thank you.

    Also, you are welcome :).

  • Clodmore


    I just want to say how much I do appreciate your site. I’ve come here almost every day since you started the site and before the name change. It’s just that I don’t have much to say and know even less, so I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut. 8-)

    Again, thanks for the copy of Outpost. I’ve installed it and it’s learning my system. It seems like a great program. Thanks!


  • ZionPercona

    This was a great offer, thanks for the chance Ashraf.

    Congratulations to all the winners!

  • Ashraf

    @Adrian: Yes you were.

    As I explained in the comments:

    I am not sure if I was clear or not but even for the 3 reserved licenses there will be a drawing (because I have more eligible people than licenses). However the drawing for the 3 reserved licenses will only be between the eligible parties so the chance of winning one is a lot higher than the other drawing.

    At the same time, everyone, including people who are eligible for the 3 reserved ones, will be included in the drawing for the other 17. So essentially donators or otherwise contributors have two chances of winning.

    I reserved 3 licenses for donaters, writes, and artists of dotTech. However it was still a drawing for those 3 licenses. I had 6 people ask who were eligible for the reserved licenses. It was a drawing between all 6. You were part of the 3 that did not win… sorry.

  • Mr. J

    Whoohoo. I didn’t make it.

    Congratulations to the winners!!!

  • Ashraf

    @Everyone: You are all very welcome.

    @Giovanni: I agree with you to an extent; I don’t think just because people don’t post means they don’t visit dotTech. Everyone has there own way of contributing and no one is an “opportunist” because they post in drawings and never any other time. However, I am currently working on a system which categorizes people by their activity on dotTech so I can more easily place restrictions on the giveaways; it is hard to come up with so I have no ETA.

    I can’t do what your propose right now because it is very hard to determine who is “eligible” and who is not; it is very subjective at this point and really only depends on who I remember.

  • Giovanni

    Hi Ashraf!!

    Great freebie and congratulation to the lucky winners.

    Hope to win the next time even though frankly I think that, when you release such great offers, you’d better first give priority to your habitual readers and subscribers who are committed to send you nice messages on your great reviews almost on a daily basis.

    I’m telling you this because I noticed that most of people here are sheer opportunists, as they usually leave messages on your site only when they hear, from some friends of them, you are about to give away great freebies like this one and in my view this behaviour is not nice and fair at all towards you and your habitual readers as well.

    Actually, if you give away a limited number of free licences using every time a random number generating system, it’s likely that the winners of your draw may be people that have never left any message at all on your site or even read a single post of yours.

    Look at the nicknames of the winners listed above: it seems to me that most of them have NEVER send any message to your website since you have opened it (but I could be wrong on this of course!!).

    On the contrary, giving priority to your older subscribers and habitual readers, could actually encourage more people both to subscribe to your website and to release more useful comments to your daily posts, making your website more popular and your great reviews richer in content.

    Think about it!!


  • rachana







  • Panpat

    Ashraf & Agnitum
    Thank you very much.

  • Clodmore

    Wow! I just got an email that I was a winner and it was for real. Thank you, Ashraf and Agnitum, for this gift. I think it’s the first time I’ve ever won anything worth more than a dollar.

    Again, thank you very much.

  • JJ

    This was a very attractive offer.

    Thanks! Ashraf and Agnitum.

  • Tina

    Thank you so much(Ashraf & Agnitum) and congrats to all who won. I never thought I’d win, but am so grateful for it. My security software expired and was in great need of a good one. Thanks so much and here’s good luck to everyone else for the next time something like this comes around. =)

  • Jabtano

    Nice folks congrats to all.

  • I knew I wouldn’t win – lady luck has never been on my side. But I like taking chances, and it was a fun contest to try.

    Anyway, congrats to all the winners! Don’t forget to give thanks to Ashraf and Agnitum for your good fortune ;)

  • @ Ashraf,

    I thought that I would have a special license for having written for DotTech? Was I mistaken or something?


  • o(o.o)o

    congratulations to the winners :D

  • David

    Thanks, Ashraf – much appreciated!!

  • hahaguy

    I didn’t win but congrats to all the 20 winners…and thanks Ashraf and Agnitum for the chance…

  • Ramesh Nair

    Congrats to all winners

  • Muhammad

    thanks ashraf

    and congratulation to the 20 winners

  • Shueygal

    Yippeeeeeee…..I won. Don’t mean to gloat, but I am one happy computer gal. Thanks Ashraf, I will be eagerly awaiting my email.
    Thanks again.

  • stammer

    Congrats to all who won. Enjoy. A BIG thanks to Ashraf and to Agnitum.

  • Kraal FictionWriter

    Congratz yall. =)

  • tejas

    Congrats folks.

  • congrats the winners