Thought this Star Trek teleporter was real? You’ve just been trolled

Star Trek teleporter

Teleporting from one point to the other is something we’ve always wanted to do since watching Star Trek and Star Wars. However, what if technology has reached a stage where we can mimic these movies in real life, wouldn’t that be awesome? That’s probably what these people thought when they were tricked into believing teleportation was happening before their very eyes.

Illusionist Scott Penrose chose to create a fake teleportation device similar to what we have seen in Star Trek. The idea here is to troll people in a mall to the point where they actually believe everything happening in front of their very eyes was real.

Take a look at their faces, it is clear these people are in shock and awe, as if what they were witnessing was the greatness event of mankind. Everything was set up properly as several members of the audience were chosen to take a step into the teleportation device. To the crowd’s amazement, each member ended up somewhere else in the mall with this confuse look on their faces.

People were saying “OMG” and “WOW” as they were smartly trolled into oblivion. Check it out:

OK, so how does it really work then? Well, Scott Penrose and his team used twins to get the job done. Basically, one twin was somewhere in the mall, while the other seem to have taken refuge in the teleportation device. No one realized a thing, which goes to show how easily pleased the human race is.

Instead of all these pranks and trolling, how about if someone attempts to make the teleportation device a reality, now that would be something.

[via YouTube]

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