Intel has a low-powered processor that can run on a glass of wine


At Intel’s Developer Forum, the company showed off a really interesting concept processor. It’s an ultra low-powered chip that can run entirely on a glass of wine. Just look at the image above — what you think is happening, is exactly what’s happening.

Dr Genevieve Bell of Intel demonstrated the concept by placing the electrodes on the glass, which then reacted with the drink’s acetic acid resulting into a “trickle of current.” This trickle was enough to power the processor, which Intel believes is the type of technology that is key to connecting the rest of the world, particularly less-developed countries and rural areas.

Other innovations that were demonstrated included a voice recognition system that would unlock the mobile phone when it recognizes its owner’s voice, as well as a motion-based system that could determine if you were the owner of the device based on the way you walk.

While we probably won’t see every computer next to a wine glass in the future, the low-power computing seen here is a welcome innovation.

[via The Register, Gizmodo]

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