See Ashraf Jr in the making [Image]


Best teach ’em while they are young, amirite? I plan on handing a smartphone to my child soon as s/he comes out of his/her mother’s womb. My child’s first word will be iPhone. Followed by sucks. You know, iPhone sucks. Bahahaha.

Don’t tell my wife.

[via Cheezburger]

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  • melen001

    By the way…… Congratulations on such wonderful news…….

  • Tortuga

    Hi Ash
    Congratulations on the great news!!!
    Hope all will be well w mom & baby
    Let us know

  • melen001

    Hello Ashraf,
    That’s a “rare” picture of a Geek with his Geeky little boy. Maybe someone will develop a milk bottle with an integrated smart phone. That way the kid can “burp” into it and “Geek Daddy” can listen to it at the job.

  • etim

    Somewhere in Heaven, George Orwell is laughing his ass off.

  • Ashraf
  • Vamien McKalin

    Give the child a Windows Phone? OK, I’ll let myself out very slowly.