Warning to GOTD users: comment #3 by “Ashraf from Dottech” on Photo Stamp Remover is not me

UPDATE: As luck may have it, GOTD deleted the fake comment in question just as I posted this article. So, carry on everyone, nothing to see here.

Hey friends,

As many of you know, we write regular reviews on daily offers by Giveaway of the Day. We have a relationship with the GOTD team in which they notify us of the daily offers beforehand so that we can review the relevant software and post reviews when an offer is live. As part of our review process, I go to GOTD and post a comment to let people know about the review so they can read it.

Today, however, I woke up a bit late and could not review Photo Stamp Remover 5.5 Standard. As such, I did not post a comment on GOTD. So you can imagine my surprise when I went to GOTD and saw a comment by “Ashraf from Dottech”:


Folks, that is not me; that is an imposter using my name.

Now, most long-time dotTechies know I am very much against censorship and am pro-freedom of speech. You’ll notice rarely are comments ever deleted on dotTech, only the most vicious ones. However, this is a clear case of someone trying to impersonate as me, so I’ve contacted the GOTD team and asked them to either delete the comment or edit it to make it clear that the comment is not by me. Until that happens, I am posting this article to let everyone know the truth.

Stay safe everyone.

-Mr. Boss

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  • Mukhi

    “if you are gonna be original, you are likely to be copied.” (saw this in a forum)

  • WildCat

    [@kevbo] True Dat! But still glad you got it cleaned up boss and kept your name/rep squeaky clean! :)

  • kevbo

    “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”

    And a major source of annoyance.

  • davidroper

    I read it and didn’t notice anything different from your usual style. Besides the fact you did not do it how could we have told? Looked like Ashraf did it to me.

  • jayesstee

    Just like top ranked music artists have “tribute groups” imitating them, you have achieved fame by having a tribute reviewer.  Salutes to you, Mr Boss!

  • thegreenwizard

    I was living in Mexico for a while, and there, producing some news stuff for the Mexican market. I knew my products were good if in the 6 months after some copies where on the streets. So Ashraf, you have the proof, you are good enough to be copied. ;)

  • RealBull

    Whoever wrote that comment to impersonate you is a pile of rat-shit.

  • niko-las

    Obviously someone who just wants to be like Ashraf !!!

  • Ashraf

    [@Mike] My guess is he/she was trying to insert links to their own product and/or website but failed horribly seeing as they didn’t properly insert any links in their comment.

    Not a big deal, it was dealt with by the GOTD team in a commendable manner. Not really their fault in the first place — how were they to know it is an imposter.

  • Mike

    Sorry that you were the victim of identity theft at GOTD; what the heck did the imposter hope to gain (the “thrill” of posting a review under someone else’s name–wow …)?