London police are testing SmartWater, a liquid substance that turns thieves green


Police officers from the London Borough of Brent are testing something they call SmartWater that is able to paint thieves green for weeks. According to the Daily Mail, SmartWater in an invisible liquid substance that is also odorless; ultraviolet lights are used to detect the thieves infected with the stuff. The best part? If a thief gets in contact with the substance, no amount of bathing will make a difference.

So far, Brent police managed to catch at least one car thief who goes by the name Yafet Askale. The unlucky robber was held after he was sprayed with SmartWater after entering a vehicle that was placed at the location by the police department. Askale had no idea it was all a set up until Brent police officers captured him. We understand he spoke of being guilty, however; the ultraviolet lights told another story for his face and jacket were covered in SmartWater substance.

According to stats, due to the inclusion of SmartWater in cars and houses across Brent, burglary has fallen by a whopping 80 percent and street crime by 40 percent. Clearly, thieves have chosen to think twice before breaking into a house or a car that might or might not have SmartWater attached somewhere inside.

Hopefully this test continues to improve, because it means Brent might be inclined to share its technology with the rest of the world to help fight against crime.

[via Daily Mail]

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