Experience emailing in 3D with mARgot Augmented Reality Mail


What’s the most you’ve done with your mails? Attach images or emoticons, so that your email will look good to the receiver’s eye? How about a smartphone app which can send objects in 3D? That means when the recipients get the message, they actually view the attached objects in 3D.

Seems unbelievable! Well not any more. Some of the augmented reality experts have developed an android and iPhone app, which can send objects in 3D with your mail. mARgot Augmented Reality Mail, is the new app developed by these experts.

What you got to do is – download the app from Google Play or Apple Store for free and install. Then you can compose a message and take a picture of a 3D object – flower, car, cat or anything – and send to the recipients. The recipients will be able to turn the object and take a look on the whole view. Both the sender and receiver have to have the app installed in their smartphones to view the object in 3D. The smartphones or tablets must have camera and GPS.

mARgot is an amazing step in Augmented Reality and with much advances in the sector, more innovations are yet to come. Check out this video for more –

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