TomTato is the first plant to grow both tomatoes and potatoes

tomtato plant

Ever heard of two plants merging as one that is capable of growing two different fruits all at the same time? This is real science right here folks. Apparently, folks in England managed to merge tomato and potato plants together as one entity. What they get from this is a plant called TomTato, and it has the ability to grow both tomatoes and potatoes.

You might wonder to yourself on how is this possible. Well, both Tomato and Potato plants are from the same plant family, which makes this feat a possibility. Thompson-Morgan new product manager, Michael Perry, told NBC News “it’s the perfect marriage.” We’ll agree with him if it turns out that Tomatoes and Potatoes from the TomTato plant does not have a difference in taste.

Associate professor at the Cornell’s Department University of Agriculture, Kenneth Mudge claims both fruits will not taste any different than they do now, but we would rather taste than take his word for it. Furthermore, Mudge said farmers might get lower yields by going this route. This is because the TomTato plant has to grow two different fruits, so its energy is split.

In addition, we understand other plants could merge as one to do similar things as the TomTato plant. How about mango and oranges? That should be something to behold.

[via NBC News]

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  • Seamus McSeamus

    [@BeegDiquesDontLye] While I share your distaste for all things GMO/Monsanto, from what I have ascertained, these plants are actually produced via the tried-and-true method of grafting, and no frankenscience is involved.

    Sorry, but I have no logical explanation for Vamien’s being a M$ fanboy. :)

  • BeegDiquesDontLye

    ‘About the author: Vamien McKalin –
    Huge fan of Microsoft products’

    Why? The rest of us just tolerate MS’s bullsh*t.
    Are you a big fan of all the Indian Farmer suicides due to abuse by Monsanto.
    This Tomtato is GM – Genetically-Modified, right? No need for this. Natural ways have been shown to actually give an overall bigger yield or bigger overall benefit (clue: it’s a perception trick in how you measure ‘benefit’, and in nature, it’s not just in ‘kg of fruit per man hour invested’ and nature knows best, even in 2013 – look at Fukishima for a sad story of ignoring her)

  • Seamus McSeamus

    Fruit and veg all in one stop.