Meet Atlas, the advanced robot that refuses to fall down

the atlas

If you think robots won’t become a central part of future human existence and probably wipe us out, think again. Meet Atlas, a humanoid android capable of traversing rough terrain and upholding its balance on one leg even when hit from the side via a huge ball.

Atlas is the latest creation of Boston Dynamics, a US robotics company that is funded by DARPA. The robot is part of DARPA’s Maximum Mobility and Manipulation program. If Atlas turns out to be a success, expect this thing to make its way on the battlefield for the purpose of supporting troops. Future models might have the ability to replace humans on the battlefield altogether.

This humanoid robot is one of seven Boston Dynamics is developing in reaction to the Darpa Robotics Challenge. The challenge will see competing robots attempting to pass eight tasks that is designed to test their prospective for use in emergency-response circumstances, including crossing rocky ground, using tools and driving a rescue vehicle.

“We have dramatically raised the expectations for robotic capabilities with this Challenge, and brought together a diverse group of teams to compete,” said Pratt. “The progress the Track A teams have made so far is incredible given the short timeline DARPA put in place. From here out, it’s going to be a race to the DRC Trials in December, and success there just means the qualifying teams will have to keep on sprinting to the finish at the DRC Finals in 2014.”

Guess it’s time for us as humans to collect arms because Skynet is just around the corner.

[via DARPA]

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