dotTech Exclusive: Free 1 year license of Returnil Virtual System 2010 Home Lux!

2009-12-09_213558As promised earlier this week, we have a real treat for everyone this weekend: Everyone can get a 1 year license of Returnil Virtual System 2010 Home Lux for free! Before I delve into how to get the 1 year license, let me give a quick overview of what RVS 2010 is for those that don’t know.

Returnil Virtual System 2010 is a unique security software that protects your computer in an unorthodox manner. RVS 2010 uses a powerful combination of anti-virus, anti-malware, and a virtual system to protect your computer from all types of viruses and unwanted system changes. The traditional security software like Avira, Kaspersky, Norton, AVG, NOD32, etc. actively, and on demand, detect and remove infected files. RVS 2010, on the other hand, has a two pronged attack to the malware problem:

  • Virtual System – RVS creates a “virtual copy” of your main system partition (the partition which you have Windows installed) and whatever changes are made to your computer are dumped when you restart your computer (there are opinions to tweak how it does that, but generally speaking, that is how it works).
  • Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware – RVS also includes the traditional anti-virus/anti-malware live protection and on-demand scanning features.

Because of this two pronged approach which incorporates traditional and innovative protection capabilities, if used properly, a user can keep his/her computer 100% clean with RVS 2010. If you desire more detailed information on RVS, please read dotTech’s full review on Returnil Virtual System 2010 Home Lux. As indicated in the full review, RVS 2010 is one of dotTech’s favorite programs.

Now, RVS 2010 comes in four different flavors:


The free license you get via dotTech is of Home Lux – a $39.95 value.

That all being said, how to get the free 1 year license of Returnil Virtual System 2010 Home Lux? Just follow these simple directions:

Supported OS: Windows XP/2003 Server/Vista/2008 Server/Win7 (32-bit and 64-bit)

  • Enter your e-mail address in the following form and hit “Submit”:
  • Check the inbox of the e-mail you entered. You should have an e-mail from “returnil-noreply []” with the subject of “ RVS giveaway registration”. In the e-mail there is a URL you have to visit to confirm your e-mail address:


Visit the URL by clicking on the link or copy + pasting it in your browser.

  • After you have confirmed your e-mail address, check the inbox again of the e-mail you entered. You should have another e-mail from “returnil-noreply []” with the subject of “Your RVS registration was successful!” In the e-mail you will find your license code:


Copy the license code.

  • Download RVS 2010 and install it. You may need to reboot your computer after installation has finished.
  • Run RVS 2010. Click on “Register” (located at the bottom left of the program window):


  • At the window that pops up, go to the bottom half under “Request New Registration”. Click on “Commercial”. Type in anything you want in “Name” and enter the e-mail you submitted earlier in “E-mail”; paste in the license code you got via e-mail in the “Number” box:


Click “Register” when you have entered everything. You should now see “Request Pending” written at the bottom left of main program window:


  • Wait a few minutes while your registration is processed. When the registration has been processed, you will be told via a popup dialog box at the bottom right of your computer screen:


It took 5-10 minutes to process my registration so be patient.

  • Enjoy!

The license will last you one year. After the year is over, you can revert to RVS 2010 Home Free (non-commercial use only) or purchase another year’s license of RVS 2010 Home Lux for $39.95. You can even sweeten the deal by getting 25% off.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long are the licenses we are getting?

A: They are 1 year licenses (12 months).

Q: How long will this promotion last?

A: This promotion will end at 12 AM (Pacific Standard Time) on Monday December 14, 2009. At that time, new licenses will no longer be given out.

Q: If I already have a subscription of RVS 2010 Home Lux, can I still use your license?

A: Yes! However, the license you get via dotTech will “replace” your license so only use it if you have less than 12 months left on your subscription.

Q: Is there a shelf life to the license?

A: Sort of. You can only get the license for free until this promotion lasts. However, after you get the license, you can activate it anytime from now and 12 months from now. The catch is the clock starts to tick once you get the license so if you, for example, activate it 6 months from now you will only have 6 months left on it.

Q: Can I share the license with my friends and family?

A: This freebie is for everyone, including your friends and family. If you would like your friends, family, and others to be able to take advantage of this great offer, please send them to this page so they can get a license for themselves!

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  • @sumomanu:

    Hi sumomanu,
    If we have not already requested the following through an open support ticket, please contact us at support (dash) tech (at) returnil (dot) com with the following log files so we can investigate this further:

    * C:\Windows\rvs3.log
    * C:\Windows\rvs3-inst.log
    * MSINFO32 report**

    **Click START > RUN > Type MSINFO32 or MSINFO64 as appropriate. On the System Information screen click FILE > Export and then save the file where you can find it to attach to your reply.

    Also include a verbose install log by installing using the command line as detailed below:

    1. Download the new 3.1 installer and save it on the desktop of your admin account
    2. Open a command line prompt with Administrative permissions:

    Sign into your administrator account (if not there already) and then click Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt

    Vista/Win 7
    Sign into your account and then click Start > All Programs > Accessories > right click the Command Prompt icon and select “Run AS Administrator”

    3. Navigate to the directory you downloaded the 3.1 RVS installer file. I suggest using your desktop and then modifying the following command to “your user account name” as shown here:

    *Note: When you open the Command Prompt, you should see something like the following:

    C:\Users\Your user account name> _

    At the Command Prompt (flashing “_”) type:
    > CD C:\Users\Your user account name\Desktop

    And then click enter which should look like:

    C:\Users\Your user account name\Desktop> _

    4. Enter the following command line EXACTLY where the name of the RVS file with extension should be used:

    In this example, the file name shown is the one presently provided from the 3.1 Major Geeks download link for v3.1 Release:

    RVS_SETUP_3.1.7414-REL.exe //LANG=en /I $$ /L* C:\Windows\rvs3-msi.log RVSLOG=debug

    The spaces are important so please verify before hitting the enter key.

    The result will be the creation of a log file called “rvs3-msi.log” in your C:\Windows directory.

    5. Attach the new log file to your reply.

    Thank you in advance

  • old poet

    I also had a fit trying to install the 2010 version. I had used Revo free to do the uninstall. After much back and forth with Returnil and Revo I re-installled Returnil 2008 and used its uninstaller. Then I could install 2010, which I just did and registered it successfully. Its first scan found a piece of Malware other systems had missed. So now that Returnil is installed I can play. Also in the process Revo tech support suggested I try out Revo paid edition, which I did. I am impressed with it and will pay and keep it on my machine. John and others I hope this post is helpful, albeit a bit late.

  • sumomanu

    I couldn’t install this beta version.Is just not installing. Installing is freezing and computer became unstable : I can not open Mozilla, Paint, etc. And I can not turn it off…
    I had the same problems like John installing a non beta version before. Still looking for the solution

  • @Charlee:

    Hi Charlee and everyone else with install/uninstall issue reports,

    We will be releasing a new build today (Release Candidate build: 3.1.7380.5020-RC) that should address all currently reported issues and also includes a new feature upgrade for Full System Scanning with Virus Guard. The release is stable and is recommended for those reporting issues.

    We look forward to your feedback and the software can be downloaded from the following page at our website:

    With kind regards

  • Charlee

    Wow, I thought I was the only one suffering this issue. Glad to know I’m not the only one, I mean, I’m not glad that we are suffering from it in the first place. It is the only thing that is killing me about this program, but even so…I LOVE IT! since I test a lot of programs, this is a great “shield” for my system. Just hope in the next release, the unistall process would be painless, but I am glad I came here to learn about the Antivirus/Spyware deactivation steps. Thanks!!

  • sumomanu

    I have exactly the same problems

  • @madalpal:

    Please send us the same information requested in post #84 so we can investigate further. RVS should have no effect whatsoever on your internet connection so please also make sure your system is clean. I would recommend performing a full, in-depth system scan with MBAM and SuperAntispyware (both free) as well as your current AV solution to be sure.


  • @John:

    Hello John,
    Please send us the same information requested from jSwann0 in post #84 and we will investigate ASAP.


  • @Unlucky:

    Please send the same information as requested in reply to jSwann0 and our team will investigate ASAP.


  • @jSwann0:

    Hi jSwann0,
    Please send us a detailed report with the exact text of the critical stop error to support (dash) tech (at) returnil (dot) com. Please also include the following information:

    * C:\Windows\rvs3.log
    * C:\Windows\rvs3-inst.log
    * MSINFO32 or MSINFO64 report**

    **Click START > RUN > Type MSINFO32 or MSINFO64 as appropriate. On the System Information screen click FILE > Export and then save the file where you can find it to attach to your reply.


  • @o(o.o)o:

    Some users have experienced issues with install and uninstall due to interference from other programs. This interference comes from two main situations:

    1. Other security application causes an incomplete uninstall of a previous version or blocks a component of RVS 2010. In this case it is best to deactivate the other security programs and then perform the install/uninstall of RVS.

    2. Third party uninstallers and registry cleaners. These programs can cause damage and their use is more likely than not to cause an improper uninstall due to bugs in the way they work with RVS. To avoid any issues, please DO NOT use a 3rd party uninstaller when uninstalling RVS. Use add/remove programs to uninstall RVS!

    We hope you will give RVS 2010 another try with the next release as it will include a more robust uninstall routine that can repair a previous improper uninstall.


  • @Lutfi01:

    Hi Lutfi01,
    Yes, it is ok to use RVS 2010 with other antivirus solutions. You should be careful however to deactivate them temporarily during RVS install and/or uninstall as they may block proper completion of these processes. Otherwise they should live and play well together.


  • @Hugh Kent Touched This:

    Hi Hugh,
    You should have no issues whatsoever with SBSD and SpywareBlaster. For AVAST and AVG you should ensure their active protection features are deactivated during RVS install/uninstall.

    The only real issue may be with Threatfire. We have had reports of potential incompatibilities that are still being investigated so you should be cautious when trying the two together.

  • madalpal

    Good day all. Thanks as always Ashraf for your help, support, ideas, insight, freebies, explanations………..

    However, for the Returnil issue, I did everything according to “script,” registered fine & all, ran scan, disabled everything. as I too wanted to be a “#3 user” like Ashraf suggested: ON DEMAND only. Fortunately I did a complete backup before I downloaded & installed.

    Because once I restarted my computer, I couldn’t get to the internet, it just stopped responding….. then, like every other program became unresponsive or just froze—once this starts to happen I always leave the task manger open— as it may be the only way to avoid a hard shut down. So, only by restoring my system to the point before I installed Returnil, was I able to even report this problem! But as its late now, & no support is available, I just wanted to let y’all know that something needs to be addressed by Returnil for those of us who are having different kinds of problems that may or may not be connected. So I’ll wait before attemtping another install.

    I wonder if others had problems, but like me, before I did the sytem restore, couldn’t get to the internet to get help.

    @ John—did you do a backup too?? If you did, you may be able to get up & running again using that. If not, did you try a system restore? If you are able to you might try that. I hope this may help.

    P.S. I know it will get straightened up, so thanks in advance.

    BTW, I’m grateful for many things from Ashraf &, like the one year free license for the A-Squared Anti-Malware that was offered recently!
    Thanks again.


  • @John: MBR: Master Boot Recored, it tells the BOIS where to look for the boot partition. Don’t know much besides that, sorry.

    I looked over at Returnil’s web site and got this from their FAQ:
    What do I do if Returnil Virtual System fails to install or uninstall properly? This could be caused by a number of reasons that most likely relate to other programs you may be using at the same time as RVS. The most common:

    Antivirus, HIPS, and/or Anti-Executable interferes with the installation. To remedy the issue, deactivate your antivirus real-time protection until the installation of RVS is complete and then reactivate your AV.

    Antivirus, HIPS, and/or Anti-Executable interferes with the uninstall of RVS. To remedy the issue, deactivate your antivirus real-time protection until the installation of RVS is complete and then reactivate your AV. NOTE: if you have already attempted to uninstall RVS and experienced an issue where this did not complete, download the same installer used originally, temporarily deactivate other security programs and then install over the damaged version, and then restart your computer. This will fix the damaged install and allow you to uninstall RVS properly.

    Firewall hinders install or uninstall. To remedy this issue, open your firewall rules and/or allow the RVS installer to run without hindrance
    Seems like you have for the most part done all that alread so you could try contacting them by going to here. The problem with Asraf or I contacting them for you is that they may need some system log that we can’t provide. Hope you can get your system up and running with Returnil soon!

  • John

    @Unlucky – That it the exact error as mine, too, as explained earlier.

    @Samuel – My computer knowledge has suffered severely after the introduction of Windows XP, as I have stopped self-assembling my own PC and that of friends (plus, with age, I tend to forget things). What did MBR meant again? LOL.

    In any case, the BOOT.ini does not seem to have been altered – one down.

    The e-Mail I had received from Returnil, together with the licence code, states:

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you experience any problems.
    _ Kind Regards,
    __ The Returnil Team
    ___ We are on Facebook:

    As I am not in the mood for another registration… could you or Ashraf, please forward my problem (caused by THEIR installer) as posted here? I would very much appreciat it.

    PS – A legal responsibility cannot be avoided. I won’t leave it there. This matter must be resolved. Perhaps a specific pre-install patch could be created, for Returnil owns the source code, and only have to address (and follow) that part of programming which detects the “previous” incomplete installation..

    Thank you very much for your attention. Sorry to have bothered you again.

  • Bill Allen

    Many thanks yet again ‘Ashraf’ always good to visit your pages as one can always take something away whether it be software or more more importantly, knowledge.
    Best regards!

  • Unlucky

    Ive been trying to uninstall this( actually i have uninstalled what i was able and removed reg keys etc. And yes, tried to use uninstaller applications and registry&junk cleaners, and yes, ive looked in interwebz alot.. ), because id like to give newer version a try, but there is something really deep and hidden somewhere?

    Installer says:

  • @John: I agree that it doesn’t help in the best case and make it more frustrating in the worst. The reason I said it was for people who are scared to try it because of all the BSOD. I wanted them to know that it could work for them.

    On to your problem. As I said above since Returnil works under Windows tring to fix it can be very hard. But that very fact leads to what I think is happening on your system. I admit to being unsure why you had the problems, but from what I can tell the reason you can’t uninstall it fully is that because it runs under Windows Returnil modifies the BCD/Boot.ini or the MBR. Since the uninstall didn’t work correctly, can’t say why, my guess is that the modification is still there in the BCD/Boot.ini or MBR and that’s why you can’t reinstall it. As to fixing them I can’t really help to much, since most of my knowlege is for once the OS is running, but I hope you can use those ideas either to fix it your self if you know how or to find what you need.

  • John

    • Statements first:
    – Have lost six hours of my night’s rest, and another three of my Sunday.
    – Not once — in my 25+ years of computer experience — have I faced a similar situation!

    • The strangest details:
    – Never saw a BSOD; never. Instead, each time during the installation, my PC would spontaneously restart. Again and again, and again. No error pop-ups, no alerts, no warnings. I thought I might have a corrupt file, so I downloaded the “rvs_2010.exe” for the second time (file size identical, to the bit).
    – Many failed attempts further on to install, I had the bright (!) idea to exit/disable the following, in desperate hope that the cause was due to some kind of code conflict: “Advanced SystemCare”, “Advanced System Protector”, a-squared AntiMalware”.
    – Alas no cure; all hope shattered!!!
    – OK, one more programme remaining to be disabled: My “avast AntiVirus”. Hey… The RVS seemed to finaly install…_ Oops! Computer restart. I got quite upset this time, little did I know at this point what other surprise awaited me.
    – With the new start-up, all anti-spy/malware and anti-virus were re-activated alright. Phew! Try again, then.
    – A Setup Wizard message pops up: “A prior uninstall of a Returnil product did not complete properly. Please complete the uninstall of this software and restart your computer before installing Returnil Virtual System 2010.”
    – Must click on OK, followed by “Finish” !!!
    “Returnil Virtual System 2010 Setup Wizard ended prematurely”

    – Revo Uninstall does not find Returnil. MS Control Panel / software know not of such a thing. Needless to say that I run all possible programmes to hunt for truncated leftovers. I also did a manual clean-up, editing the registry at a few places, and looking all over for any Returnil sub-directory. I also fail to check myself, cursing the whole darn thing, but just not kicking the machine…

    There I am now: Can’t install, not can I uninstall whatever is hidden somewhere.
    Once upon a time I remember that software were politely suggesting to “repair” their own stuff. What an old-fashion notion!


    How can I solve this huge problem?

    PS – @Samuel (#67)
    Please, do not repeat such argument as “Just remember that for every person that gets BSODed there are people that don’t and it works for them.”
    Though well meant (I accept it to be so), this offers no consolation, but rather frustrates even more.

  • Skye-hook

    Anti-virus program conflicts? No.
    #38 From ASHRAF- (copy/pasted here for those above who obviously didn’t see it.)

    RVS does have an anti-malware/anti-virus component. However if you already have NOD32 and Malwarebytes you can simply disable the live protection anti-malware/anti-virus component and still use RVS as a virtual system.

    It really just depends on how you want to use RVS; there are multiple ways to put it to good use.

    User 1 may decide to keep the virtual system and live protection anti-malware/anti-virus on at all times and not have any other security software.

    User 2 may decide to keep the virtual system on at all times but disable the live protection anti-malware/anti-virus because they have a different live protection security software.

    User 3 may decide to only use virtual system and anti-malware/anti-virus protection as on-demand because they have other security software that protect them and RVS is only called in when things get really hairy.

    User 4 may use it some other way.

    RVS is versatile enough that it can be used in many ways and still provide excellent protection.

    Personally, I would be a User 3; I have the live protection disabled and use RVS’s virtual system as on-demand whenever I have doubts about a program I am about to install.

  • Skye-hook

    Returnil is NOT an anti-virus program! It’s much better! Please read the description by Ashraf carefully, & you’ll see. It uses your computers system, BUT it keeps everything you do while it’s turned to “On” in a separate environment kind of thing. Say you download a program or an update while it’s on, and OMG the download freezes your PC! Holy cow! IT’S OK! Returnil has kept it from being actually saved on your hard-drive! Yes, really! Just restart your computer, & WOW, it’s all back like it was before! It’s also NOT a Go-Back type thing. It’s a virtual PC. Try it out, or go see the Returnil website.

  • Unlucky

    Anyone have solution to BSOD problem, i so much like to have this installed.
    @Hugh Kent Touched This: Yes, WinXP with latest updates and patches.

  • future hacker

    Thank you so much! Il’ll try it right now. Is it the better than vitual pc 2007 and virtualbox?

  • tejas

    Thank you very much Ashraf. Great program! You ~rock~!

  • David

    Thanks for the excellent program. The link in your article led to version 3.0.6317.4958. The link on their website downloaded version 3.0.6317.4986. Probably not much of a difference. I went with the most recent version. Works great.

  • @Hugh Kent Touched This: It does seem that way, as to why I don’t know. My best guess would be something goes wrong during the installation or they have something that conflicts with Returnil. Just remember that for every person that gets BSODed there are people that don’t and it works for them. Being as it’s a well known program I think it’s more likly a problem on the installing computers than the program it’s self.

    @jumbi: you can install it when ever you want, just note that your license starts when you get the second email, so if you install it ini 6 months the license will only have about 6 months left on it.

    @Everyone Getting BSOD: One thing to remember about this program is that it works UNDER Windows so if any thing is wrong it will create problems for windows. Now I’m not blaming you, but as I said above I suspect that something was going on in your machines that is causing the problems, though I admit that I can’t say what. I would try asking Returnil them selves for help being as without knowing alot about your machine telling you what went wrong is very hard.

  • jumbi

    one question please:
    Following the procedure, I have received both emails just fine.
    May I install this at a later date (when I have more time to test it) or I have to install before Monday?

  • Hugh Kent Touched This

    @Samuel: Thanks for the reply Samuel. It does worry me though that a number of people have warned against BSODs. I mean, Returnil is supposed to prevent that, not cause it, right? Does it do that on WinXP?

  • RoseD1st

    An error has occurred. Please use your browser’s “back” button and fill out all required fields.
    You might also be already subscribed. this is what I get when I go to enter email HeLP,I really want this,Ill give you extra strawberry shakes if you help me my email [Removed by Ashraf. Reason: Please don’t post your e-mail address in a public form!]

  • Emrys

    Again you come through for us even those such as I who are not worthy. :D

  • Mordaunt

    @ Ashraf: Thank you for a really “must have” giveaway – pity that my computer obviously have other ideas!

    @ Unlucky: you are not alone! several attempts at installation and hours later I’ve decided it is a loosing battle. Everything goes smoothly up to the point of entering the “Key”. This is followed by total chaos and ultimately a non-responsive computer. Even restoring to a point just prior to installation does not work.

  • Unlucky

    Thank you, this is truely awesome giveaway, sadly i can’t use it..

    Tried to install 9times and every time before installer finished BSOD….

  • jSwann0

    Thanks for this BSOD-only application…

  • @Hugh Kent Touched This and Lutfi01: Returnil will not conflict with other security programs if you turn it’s Anti-Malware off which is ok since the main reason to get Returnil is for the virtual system.

  • o(o.o)o

    I have trialed this software before and bumped into some problems with it. Have reverted to an older freebie version, RVS 2008 Personal, which works without a hitch on my computer. Hope other users will fair better than I did with Returnil 2010.

    For questions about the product, try posting at their support forum over at wilders:

  • delenn13

    Thank you very much. I use this program like you do…to test how a program works before I actually install it on my system. So many times my system would be fried if I hadn’t.

  • Lutfi01

    Ashraf, i want to ask is it safe to use this software with other antivirus and anti-malware software? i’m just worry if it will conflict with them. Thank you.

  • Thanks for this! I had the Home version, so will upgrade to Luxe from this offer you have provided. Always enjoy visiting your site, and learning about new software. Keep up the good work!

  • Hugh Kent Touched This

    Would Returnil Home Lux have any conflict with the following software I have installed?

    Avast AV Free
    AVG Free
    SpyBot SD

    I was actually surprised that Avast and AVG had no conflict.

    Is it advisable if I were to add Returnil as an additional layer of protection?

    Thanks for the good work that you do at dotTech guys. Keep it up!

  • Nick (^c^)

    a-squared Antimalware is better than Malwarebytes and has a good proactive solution of protection.
    Myself useing it together with Comodo internet security which comes with firewall, Antivirus and Host intrusion prevention system.

  • siyam

    thanks,ashraf!…there goes my projects again,still playing with your new toy…nice!..Salam!

  • @Someguy: As Ashraf and others have said, this program is different from your normal security programs in that it doesn’t look for problems and try to fix them instead it allows you to wipe your system of changes when you shutdown in case something bad happened. So it’s a good idea to keep normal security programs like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to protect your system when you do save the changes before shutting down. Hope that helps.

  • Someguy

    I am a user of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Unlike other software including Kaspersky, it did not upset me. Is this software as good as Malwarebytes or am I wasting my time?

  • Sandeep

    @Ashraf: Heavier on resourses than Bullguard. I installed Bullguard internet security during their promotion period and it made my laptop so slow, svchost.exe was taking around 170 MB of memory. Also the internet connection starts droping often. So i uninstalled it from both Win7 as well as XP and my laptops came back to life again.

  • Tecky Kid

    I check the site everyday.
    Oh and BTW
    I love you
    (just saying)
    Thanks so much

  • muhammad

    Many Thanks dear Ashraf

  • Thamza

    Thank you very much Ashraf, not only for today but also for all the previous outstanding dotTech jobs you have been doing. The way u present your comprehensive reviews is so simplified in a way that even the non techs (like me of coarse) understand what u are talking about. dotTech for life!

  • rudyg

    Thanks for this promo. It is my favorite software.

  • FallenSky


    I have 2 desktops and 5 laptops that I use at various times, am I able to use my single license on all my computers or do I need a license per system?

    Also a thank you to Ashraf for bringing this it to us, I greatly appreciate it.

  • Obajoshi

    Thanks Ashraf for a nice freebie. I have the same protection just like Albi and was wondering how this freebie would fit in. Nice to see the timely comments you provided and in addressing each individual personally.


  • lordsfreedman

    Thank you very much. I just updated the free version to your gracious offer. A wonderful gift. Thanks again for all your hard work for us.

  • Kev93

    Thanks! I NEVER was able to access my computer when this was on GOTD and I never thought there might be a free version. SO THANKS FOR BOTH! (I know, quiet down, I tend to shout when I get exited…)

  • Ryan

    Thanks Ashraf.

    Yet another great product. Your site is always the first site I visit everyday. Even before my breakfast.


  • Iouri

    HI Ashraf. Thank you very much for your very hard work. It’s a very nice gift. All the best.

  • Ashraf

    @Roland: You are welcome =).

    @Ozzie: You are welcome =).

    @OldElmerFudd: RVS does have an anti-malware/anti-virus component. However if you already have NOD32 and Malwarebytes you can simply disable the live protection anti-malware/anti-virus component and still use RVS as a virtual system.

    It really just depends on how you want to use RVS; there are multiple ways to put it to good use.

    User 1 may decide to keep the virtual system and live protection anti-malware/anti-virus on at all times and not have any other security software.

    User 2 may decide to keep the virtual system on at all times but disable the live protection anti-malware/anti-virus because they have a different live protection security software.

    User 3 may decide to only use virtual system and anti-malware/anti-virus protection as on-demand because they have other security software that protect them and RVS is only called in when things get really hairy.

    User 4 may use it some other way.

    RVS is versatile enough that it can be used in many ways and still provide excellent protection.

    Personally, I would be a User 3; I have the live protection disabled and use RVS’s virtual system as on-demand whenever I have doubts about a program I am about to install.

    @smokexx: You are welcome. Honestly, I have not had that much experience with Deep Freeze (only minimal exposure on the job) so I can’t say.

    @Skye-hook: You are welcome. Thank you for the informative comment =).

    @vsm: You are welcome. However, I am confused by what you are asking. This installs normally just like any other program – why are you being asked to install QuickTime?

    @jelson: You are welcome =).

    @drtank: You are welcome =).

    @mickay: Off the top of my head? 2010 added in a whole new amount of features and really made RVS more user friendly and usable vs the older version. I really like how in 2010 you can easily dump or keep your changes when using the virtual system; the older version made it a little bit annoying (in my humble opinion of course). For more info please refer to the link Libor provided, or see the following screenshot:

    @Andrew: I do agree. I did also find lots of false positives in the anti-virus/anti-malware. As I mentioned above, I have the anti-virus/anti-malware live protection disabled and I use the virtual system as on-demand; you may want to consider to do the same as long as you have other live protection security software protecting you.

    @kentkitty: You are welcome =).

    @Mordaunt: Installed fine on my computer. I suggest you send support a e-mail with your computer specifications so they can help you out.

    @Murphy: You are welcome =).

    @sangs: There shouldn’t be a conflict. Online Armor is a firewall/HIPs protection while RVS has anti-virus/anti-malware components and virtual system features. In fact, I do suggest you install RVS because it will compliment Online Armor since they provide two different methods of protection.

    @libor: Thank you for providing support.

    @Jabtano: Get used to it =P… we are here to stay inshAllah=).

    @denzel: Cool. Glad to see it worked for you.

    @chris: I don’t celebrate Christmas (not Christian) so not exactly a Christmas present, per se, but a present nonetheless. Maybe next year dotTech will run “Eid Giveaways” instead of the “Christmas Giveaways” other blogs are running. Not only will it give everyone a chance to get more freebies, but it will introduce everyone to a culture they may not have known about otherwise.

    @Skye-hook: Thanks for the info! I also had RVS registered from GOTD but I registered with dotTech’s new license just fine. However, my license was expired so that be of been why.

    @Sandeep: Heavier on resources than what?

    @Shi: You are welcome =).

    @Sandeep: I know nothing about any problems with uninstalling. I have in the past uninstalled RVS and it uninstalls just fine for me.

    @Mordaunt: I am sorry but I can’t help there. I suggest you give Returnil’s support an e-mail and see if they can help you.

    @Darthyoda: They only have it for 24 hours. We have it longer =). Plus we are cooler =P. Thanks for the support.

    @Mohammed Sarhan: You are welcome =).

    @Tran Quang Ha: You are welcome =).

    @Refpeuk: It starts the moment you get the key.

    @Albi: It depends on your habits. As I mentioned earlier in this comment, there are many different ways to use RVS. You sound like you are very well protected with other security software (in fact very similar to how I protect my computer). No you don’t have to uninstall the other programs; you can use RVS like I do: I have the live protection disabled and use RVS’s virtual system as on-demand whenever I have doubts about a program I am about to install.

    @Howard: You are welcome!

  • Howard


  • Albi

    I’m currently using Outpost Firewall, Avira Antivirus, and a-squared anti-malware. Do I still need this programme? If I do, should I uninstall all other antivirus programmes in my PC?

  • Refpeuk

    Thanks Ashraf!

    BTW, can I install this at a later date and still get a full year of subscription, or does the subscription start the moment I find the key?

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    Actually, it’s not quite exclusive to dotTech, since the Christmas giveaway @ TechPP also has the same giveaway for today only to all readers. But I’d rather signup through here.

  • Mordaunt

    Despite my earlier reservations I did try a second install – disabled anti-virus/spyware/firewall/smart defrag etc. Cannot activate despite following all instructions to the letter! In addition computer slows to a crawl.

  • Sandeep

    Hi Ashraf sorry to bother you again but there is a comment on the download cnet page where a user describes a problem in uninstalling this software. Do you know anything about this?????


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    Anyways will give it a try.

    Thanks once again.

  • Skye-hook

    @Ashraf: IF anyone else has Returnil of any version other than this exact one already installed, you probably need to get it all out of registry & files before installing this one! I had it installed, (Not this version) but I got it from GOTD site, & when I installed this version, it registered with all the old info, & would not let me register with new license number & my own name. Got it out of my PC system with Reg Seeker, both in regs & in files, & reinstalled.
    Ashraf, the way you have it on this page for downloading & getting license went very smooth, easy, and fast! Congrats! :) And huge Thank you’s to Ashraf & to Returnil! :)

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    Nice product!

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  • libor

    @mickay: the 2010 vs 2008 differences are under the What’s New tab here

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    I have been a regular visitor of Your reviews about giveawayoftheday products are very , helpful.Infact, your ‘Final Verdict’ is major deciding factor for me.

    I have a question about Returnil Virtual System 2010 Home Lux. I have Online Armor installed on my system. Would you still advise to download Returnil? will there be any conflict? Please let me know

  • Murphy

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    Best regards !

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    Downloaded,received emails etc almost immediatly. Installed with no problem/s up to the point where the “key” had to be entered and then all hell broke lose !!My computer developed a mind of its own. Received a string of messages, including one informing me that my firewall is no longer functioning etc. etc. Two restore actions required for things to revert to “normal” Quite frankly I am scared to try a second install. Anyone with a similar experience?

  • kentkitty

    Thanks, Ashraf..another great freebie!

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    My favourite software too, but after trying this 2010 version from Giveawayoftheday some time ago, I reverted back to the 2008 Premium version, which I also had for free, but will expire next month.

    The anti-malware in this edition is having a lot of false negatives, and creates conflicts with other programs, which never happen with 2008 edition. Besides, it seems that this 2010 edition is slowing down my computer, and also the very intrudingly big flash screen is very annoying. They must have limited the function of this fine software to the main job it specializes, leaving the others to more specialized softwares.

  • mickay

    What’s the difference between Returnil Virtual System 2010 Home Lux from the giveaway and Returnil Virtual System Premium Edition 2.0 version I bought in the past?

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    Thanks much for this. Quick question on installation — I get a pop up asking what application I want to launch this with; I believe Quick Time may be suggested; apparently I don’t have that, do I need to find and install that first? (Hopefully, it’s not too too large, as I have dial-up service…)

    I apologize for posting a novice question; I don’t mind if the dotTech community is snickering!

    Thanks for help!

  • Skye-hook

    SmokeX^ above- Returnil is kindof like having & using a 2nd computer that you use to test all new stuff you download, and to keep your pc safe from stuff that might come through your browser. It makes a copy of your pc for itself to use, without saving to your harddisk. If something bad happens while you use the new thing in Returnil, you can just turn off Returnil or PC (actually once u activate Returnil, to close it, u must restart PC) & Voila! Your computer is just the very exact same it was before you activated Returnil. You do need to pay attention to the “save to your real computer or not” part, though. It works so well, it’s like a dream. My only problem with it, is that I save a lot of stuff online to my PC for later reference, & I haven’t tried the save to my real disk yet, so I often don’t have Returnil running. That’s a huge mistake on my part! Now that I thought about it here, I will start using it most of the time when I go online, as I always should have done.
    THANK YOU ASHRAF!!! :) I am thrilled!

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    Ashraf, this looks interesting, but I have a question. Eset NOD 32 and Malwarebytes Pro are installed on all my machines. Do I read it correctly that RVS replaces these while it’s active? I understand having to de-activate the AV while installing; Eset would probably have a fit! I’ve looked through the RVS forums but can’t find an answer.


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    @OutDesigns: A sincere welcome to you! Now my turn to say thank you for the kind words and being an active dotTechie!

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  • @Ashraf: Curses, guess theres only one way to find out….

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    @Samuel: You won’t get a license until you confirm your e-mail address via the second e-mail. I can’t promise you will get a license if you try to confirm your e-mail address via the second e-mail after Sunday.

  • @Ashraf: If I use the form to get the first email but not the second have I activated the license?

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