Russia plans to spy on athletes and spectators during 2014 Winter Olympics


Planning to visit Mother Russia for the 2014 Winter Olympic games in Sochi? You should prepare yourself, for Russia plans to monitor all communications at the games, according to The Guardian. Yes, this is the same Russia that (reluctantly) opened its doors to former NSA contractor turn whistleblower, Edward Snowden. The Guardian says this is the most invasive spying and surveillance in the history of the Winter Olympics.

During the events, we understand that every athlete and spectator will be spied on by Russia’s powerful FSB security service. Everything you do and every move you make will be under the watchful eyes of the FSB. The plan to spy on every person at the games might have a lot to do with security, since the games could attract the eyes of terrorist cells.

According to the leaked government documents, the newly installed telephone and internet spying abilities, will allow the FSB to intercept any phone call or data traffic. Furthermore, the FSB will have the power to track certain used words or phrases used on social media, emails and web chats to determine if a person or group is planning something horrific.

We recognize the need to protect the Winter Olympic Games from threats, but this is digging deep into the privacy of athletes and spectators alike. I mean, what if you’re at the games and your wife/girlfriend calls to ask why your computer history is filled with porn? Some Russian operating would having a laugh at your expense and for a valid reason, but that still doesn’t make it right.

[via The Guardian, image via The Republic Square]

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