Grand Theft Auto hack streams GTA 5 GPS to Google Glass


As the upcoming Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have proven, second screen gaming is the next step in making video games more fun and engaging. Now, what if you could have that second screen right in front of your eyes via Google Glass? Yup, truly exciting stuff. According to TechCrunch, an Android developer has found a way to beam Grand Theft Auto V GPS straight to your Google Glass device.

What’s interesting about this is that it all happens in real-time and obviously, developer Mike DiGiovanni chose to build his system around GTA 3 due to the fact that GTA 5 is not yet available on PC. Heh, so much for PC gamers being the master race.

Now, while having GTA’s GPS streamed to the Google Glass device, it’s really useful at the moment. According to DiGiovanni, the whole thing updates at 10 frames per second, which in our eyes is far from playable. Furthermore, he went on to state how battery life on Glass was only capable of going for less than an hour while playing the game.

Yes,there are problems, but this is what you expect from something that was built in less than a few short hours. From here we expect DiGiovanni to improve on his idea, but to do that he would need the right amount of funding.

[via TechCrunch]

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