In the lion kingdom, men answer to women [Amazing Photo of the Day]


For anyone that is confused, what is happening here is lion cub teases dad, dad chases down cub and lion spanks him, and then mom yells at dad for hurting her cub. Or at least that is the way I see it. Let us know your take in the comments below!

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  • MarkQ

    Nah, he simply loves her is all. Besides he’d never hurt one of his own cubs (or of his coalition partners); just correct them once in a while. Parenting, you see! Beautiful lion, by the way!

  • WildCat

    “Yes Dear! OF Course Dear! Whatever You Say Dear!”

    Yes Dear, Whatever You Say Dear
    by Dave Undis

    I’m married and I’m happy, but it’s not what you think.
    To be a happy married man, you don’t have to cheat or drink.
    And gifts of flowers and jewelry ain’t the key to my success.
    I know six words that guarantee a life of happiness.

    Yes dear, whatever you say dear.
    I say it all the time.
    Yes dear, whatever you say dear.
    I live in peace and quiet.
    Yes dear, whatever you say dear.
    I’m sure that you’re correct.
    Yes dear, whatever you say dear.
    What you say is best.

    I’m married and I’m happy. I live a tranquil life.
    I’m the world’s smartest man. I don’t argue with my wife.
    I have my opinions. They stay where they belong.
    I never ever disagree, especially when she’s wrong.

    Can hear the song at:

  • Mags

    [@Darcy] You nailed it!

  • JonE

    I cannot add anything that my esteemed male counter-parts had already said.

  • @ Ashraf

    Probably hit that one on the head. The number one survival law of the universe is: “Don’t mess with the mommy.”

  • Seamus McSeamus

    Pfffttt. I’ve been answering to my wife for years. Tell the lion to get used to it, and to be grateful that she still goes along with the illusion that he is King of the Jungle.

    What’s up with the edit function today? I’ve tried editing 2 comments and had to retype them because the edit transforms things into gibberish. Not my usual gibberish, either.

  • always has to have the last say !

  • David Roper

    This scenario goes on in every human home as well. …and for the same reasons.