How to remove your name and picture from Google’s new shared endorsement ads [Guide]

shared_endorsementsYou may or may not have heard but Google has made a recent change to its terms and conditions that allow Google to use your name, picture, and comments/reviews posted on Google+, Google Play Store, and Google+ Local to endorse products advertised via Google AdWords.

For example, if you +1 a product on Google+, Google will show that you +1’ed the product in the product’s ad shown to your friends… sort of as if you endorse it (minus the paycheck that comes with endorsements, of course); and if you rate an app or book or movie or show on Play Store, Google will use your rating (with name and picture) in ads for the thing you rated.

It is easy to imagine many people being uncomfortable with this. Thankfully, there is a way to opt-out of these so called shared endorsement ads — a way to stop your name, picture, and reviews/comments from appearing in ads. This guide shows you exactly how to do that.


Stopping Google from using reviews/comments in shared endorsement ads and removing your name and picture is actually fairly easy. To remove your name and picture and reviews/comments from appearing in shared endorsement ads, do the following:

  • Go to If you aren’t logged into your Google account already, you will be asked to login.
    • Once logged in, if you don’t already have a Google+ account, you will be asked to upgrade to one. (If you have a Google+ account, you will be taken straight to the settings page — skip down to the next bullet point below.) Upgrading to a Google+ account is free and a fairly simple process, since you already have a Google account. You must upgrade to a Google+ account if you want the ability to turn remove your name/picture/reviews/comments from shared endorsement ads.
  • Now scroll to the bottom of the page and look for a setting that says “Based upon my activity, Google may show my name and profile photo in shared endorsements that appear in ads” — uncheck the box next to that setting.
  • Finally, hit the ‘Save’ button.


Repeat this process for all your Google accounts.


I realize that Google is feeling pressure from Facebook and Facebook ads, but I’m can’t understand why Google execs thought this was a good move. A good move for Google’s wallet, yes, since it will make Google ads more competitive against Facebook ads, but a good move for Google’s users? Eh. Did they think the majority of people would be happy endorsing ads in advertisements? At least cut us in on the profit, if you are going to do that.

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  • Tom

    If Google only had an opt-out for sharing our lives with NSA…

  • Seafarer

    Google what is that ? Something essential to have a fun and free quality life ? I didn’t think so.

    I have banned this company almost completely from my life, just using an empty Google account for my Android phone, that’s it. (after all gmail isn’t s good as it used to be so really don’t miss it)

    Email via my own domain, Bing as search engine, for my websites anaytics and NO Google+ buttons on my sites, not either Facebook like shit.

    You don’t need Google but Google needs you, let get this straight!

  • DoktorThomas™

    New phenomenon has begun: Google flight!

    As if cooperation with an oppressive gestapo-esque government isn’t enough to drive you away, now you will be singled out for mass distribution as sponsor/recommender/user of products you purchase (but may not use).

    This is a failed design from the start. And it’s a significant intrusion on everyone’s purchasing privacy.

    Imagine, the secretary buying maternity clothing (for a friend) discovered by a unreasonably jealous wife!

    I have gone 180° on the NFL; for example: Godell, the consideration of a female non-player to replace him, the chickification of league, league run Thursday night games, unreasonable salaries paid to marginal individuals, the inculcation of hoodlums as players … the negative NFL list is endless. So if I buy friends or their babies any NFL junk, I am misrepresented world wide as a supporter of a bogus NPO! No support for tax cheats here!

    This program is a stalkers delight!

    Wait until your kid’s picture is posted as buying sex toys…

    Wait until someone is misidentified as a criminal as a result of this process.

    The law suits will be enormous.

    Recommendation: Flee Google, ixQuick their search engine, and never never never every buy their ad words.
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  • Tortuga

    So, the *only* way to opt out of this, is to have a GG+ account???!!
    Darn !!! I managed to stay away from these silly time waiters …
    BTW, over @CNet, there is an article abt ppl using a photoshoped Larry Page pic on their profile, as a form of retaliation, see how they like their own medicine … Could be interesting if it spreads wide enough !!

  • Ashraf

    [@yaknala] This has nothing to do +1’ing ads. This has to do with stuff people normally post on social networks and/or product/app reviews. Google is now trying to integrate that data into ads, to make their ads more attractive to advertisers.

  • yaknala

    The thing to do is for ALL of us NOT to +1 an ad and then they will realise we are rebelling and do not wish this type of thing just because we might like an ad…