Apple might cut iPhone 5c production by 50% to increase selling price


As per the latest reports, Apple might be reducing the production of its latest iPhone 5c by 50% – from 300,000 units to 150,000 units. The alleged reason for this step is the fall in grey market price of the phone and the reason for the fall in the prices is the consistent supply of the phone, hence Apple is cutting back.

It is said Apple sells the 5c in China for approximately US$726 but the grey market price is between US$489 to US$539.

Many people are opting for the grey market where most of these phones are illegally imported from USA, Europe and Hong Kong and gives a price difference of around 30% as compared to the official pricing. On the other hand, iPhone 5s is difficult to find as it is selling well due to the improved performance and the new colors it offers, especially the ‘gold’ color variant.

For the iPhone 5c, Apple issued more devices for production as they anticipated more demand due to lower pricing and the vibrant color options for the younger generation. However, that didn’t happen and iPhone 5c got weak global sales. This might be the reason that Apple is expected to cut the production of the iPhone 5c by 50%.

[via fonearena]

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