Multiple lightning strikes on Lake Michigan, at the same time [Amazing Photo of the Day]


Amazing. I wonder what would have happened if someone was in the water at that time. Wait, do I really need to wonder?

[via Facebook]

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  • Geert

    That “someone” implies also sea life. What would happen to that “someone”, would also happen to all sea life, right? So, I *am* wondering what happened to them. Don’t think they have a “Faraday cage” protecting them for such occasions (which whould anyhow not help in those situations…)

  • [@etim] Lake Michigan is pretty far from Canada. Well, 100 ms at Warp 1 to Windsor.

    I suspect this photo is a multiple exposure.

  • etim

    Hmmm…just another alien scout ship powering up–and suspiciously close to those tasty Canadians too.