Google is already working on the next version of Google Glass

Sergey Brin with Google Glass

Google Glass is still in the testing phases, but that’s not stopping Google from beginning work on a successor. Mary Lou Jepsen, head of the display division at Google, claims the company is working on a top-secret successor to the current variant of Glass.

Unfortunately, Jepesen was unable to speak more about this top-secret project. It’s not her fault though, blame Google co-founder Sergey Brin as he was the one who told her specifically not to talk about the new Glass. While she couldn’t say much of anything about Google Glass 2.0, she did touch on other interesting topics.

She went ahead to describe the current Glass as lightweight, comfortable and cool. She also spoke about speed, which suggests to us that Google Glass in its current form is no slouch. She basically describes the speed of accessing information via a wearable gadget as “addictive.”

“It’s basically a way of amplifying you. I’ve thought for many years that a laptop is an extension of my mind. Why not have it closer to my mind, and on me all the time?” Jepsen went on to add.

We’d love to learn more about what Google is working on, but for now, the wait and see game has begun. On the other hand, Google might want to make the tech inside Glass 2.0 similar to what the Avegants team is working on; that would make for something truly exciting to behold.

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