Angry about government shutdown? Yell at members of Congress with DrunkCallCongress


Congress has shut down the US government and you’re not handling it very well, so what to do? How about taking a sip of that beer in your hand, and give Congress a call via DrunkCallCongress. These guys will hook you up with a member of Congress, and all you have to do is yell at them about your frustrations.

The website’s mission statement is as follows: “Whether you are a furloughed worker, being forced to work for free, or just fed up at Capitol Hill. CALL & YELL AT A RANDOM MEMBER OF CONGRESS.”

Just in case the mission statement isn’t clear enough, this should fill in:

“As Members of Congress quickly returned from their final symbolic, non-effective and otherwise useless votes to avert a government shutdown, the heavy drinking began. Reports of our representatives getting plastered on the government’s dime — the one we have left — have come streaming in from witnesses all over Capitol Hill. Now’s your chance to tell your Representative what you really think of their actions.”

Now, everything here is pretty straight forward and easy to understand. All you have to do is add your number in after that, you’ll be on the line with a member of Congress. Once that happens, just remember to let loose your frustration in any way you see fit. Don’t hold nothing back, because members of Congress are not truly human; they lack the fundamental instinct of emotions and the general feels.

[via DrunkCallCongress, image via Miss Substitute Teacher]

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  • clockmendergb

    [@News Reader]
    I stand my case
    Another loud person who cannot see that its not just one party or another
    Its all of them
    I just wish some of this energy would be converted to fixing the problems We (yes WE) as citizens are enduring because of this broken political system

    Having seen military action in order to safeguard this freedom of speech, insults no matter how profane have no effect
    I am happy some one is able to say what they think

    obviously this is not the case for the writer

  • News Reader


    Who is we?
    I, for one, refuse to let YOU or anyone like you speak for me, and after reader what “John Smith” posted, he certainly is right on target, and you seem to be another idiot. Yes, the US needs the Tea Party, moron. Do you even understand what the Tea Party is?
    Seeing how most of you idiots get your news from liberal media outlets and Obama’s lapdog media like MSNBC and such, I doubt you even know what you are talking about.

    You post a long psychotic rant, yet you accuse “John Smith” of ranting, and then you accuse him of being “political troll” while the real troll is you, and the “genius” who posted this partisan article on a supposed tech news blog. If the site owner and the author of the article posted a politics article, how does that make the commenters who comment ON topic trolls you idiot?
    Also your rants and about him and personal life, how do you all that? Or are you, as usual, another liberal turd who just can’t handle disagreement and resorts to projections?
    And the funny thing?You whine about assumptions, while your entire post is nothing but ASSumptions.
    So basically your post is nothing but whining and complaining about things you perceived others doing and claim that you don’t like or are against, yet you happily do the same.
    Look up the definition of the word hypocrite, you illiterate liberal turd.

  • clockmendergb

    [@John Smith] [@John Smith] John Smith
    What a sad day.
    Your rants are just the reason we do not need the so called tea party.
    Its all hot air.
    you and your type work on the assumption that by shouting louder than everybody else you can talk us in to submission
    go talk to the bathroom mirror.

    Your use of my post to rant about Oboma and not come close to arguing
    any of my points shows quite clearly your very narrow secular opinionated greedy one sided attitude to life.

    The only bright spot in all your posts was that you actually spent time to reply

    The down side is
    you never took the time to read the posts

    The classic sign of a political troll.
    I hope they are paying you well.

    My hope for you is that you will always enjoy good health and the money to pay for it.

  • John Smith


    “Blaming Obama for the lack of jobs is ridicules.”

    Yeah, maybe we should blame Bush right?
    (Before you rant, I am no fan of Bush, and I actually resent the establishment GOP, not the idea)

    Here is a novel concept for you. Doing some research before you defend your fake hero, a pop culture incompetent politician who promised you the moon and in reality FAILED.

    Here are some facts for you.
    Bush, the war monger, with 2 wars, borrowed $5 trillion, and unemployment rates were around 5% peaked at 6.1% for couple of months, The US had AAA credit rating.

    Obama inaugurated in in 2008, the flow of regulations and the out of control spending starts, unemployment jumps to 7.3% then stays over 8% for 42 consecutive months, only magically goes down one month before the re-elections in 2012 to 7.3 in a blatant cooking books stunt.
    Today, there are 49 million Americans on food stamps, Welfare spending is almost 40% higher from any other president, including the disastrous Jimmy Carter presidency, and in one term of 4 years, Obama borrow $6 trillion and now he is averaging $200 billion a month, on pace of over $21 in debt by the end of his disastrous presidency. The US lost AAA credit, and now its credit is under review again.
    There are more people on foods stamps and welfare from the actual work force.
    Is he done yet?
    No, he wants more, wants unlimited debt ceiling, the hilarious concept that it will not increase debt, (just like increasing the legal blood alcohol limit won’t lead to more drunk driving) and now wants to open the borders, legalize all illegal immigrants, punish businesses who hire US citizens or legal immigrants instead of illegal immigrants, and that is not a job killer, right?
    His regulations are not job killers, right?
    Obamacare?Ask any business owner.
    EPA regulations that killed the coal industry and its thousands and thousands of jobs?
    No oil drilling in the US?How many jobs lost for that?
    The Keystone pipeline alone would have added close to 25000 jobs. That was HIS decision to reject/delay it.

    He increased taxes on business, and now forcing them into unaffordable government controlled health care system. That will certainly add more jobs, right?

    Do you understand the simple mathmatical equation that if you don’t have money as a business you can’t do business and therefore you can’t hire?
    How is this not all Obama’s fault?
    Oh yeah, he wants to make it better for you, he wanted to wage war in Syria, maybe that would kill few million jobs too.

    So yes, do some research, and you’ll see that Obama and his policies are the cause of US economy going down the tube and for all the jobs lost.

    One a side note: Speaking of war mongering, gunny how he still holds that Noble Peace prize he “won” for doing nothing but waging wars and carrying drone strikes, and spying, yet all his supporters are silent on this.

  • John Smith


    You claim you don’t care about what goes on in Washington, yet you post about it, and even comment about it. You claim you are not happy with both sides, yet you peddle and parrtot the exact propaganda that Liberals used to smear Conservatives and what they were asking for. You even use the exact words and phrases.
    Obsess much Ashraf?
    Yeah, tell us another.

    Here is a thought, if you people who are outside the US, love and support Obama this much, you can take him and have him run your countries. But I doubt any of you actually want him, because deep down you know he is incompetent and corrupt.

  • John Smith


    Nice propaganda. Are you paid/volunteer at OFA?
    Your shameless promotion for this disaster called Obamacare is also pathetic.

    Millions are losing their current coverage that they like, hundreds of thousands received notices of premium hikes that went as high as 600% and low information obamabots like you still peddle the false information of how this will lower cost and provide care for hose who cannot afford it.

    Here is something you low information Obama supporters have no idea about. Those with low income or no income ALREADY have access to medicaid and other government plans to provide health care for them. This law is not about making that available nor about lowering your current cost. This is about government taking over your life, your privacy, your choices. If you were smart enough, you’d question the creepy questions that you were being asked when you signed up or tried to sign up for this disaster, the intrusive nature of the questions and the disturbing amount of detail of irrelevant information you have to provide about your life. Have you also thought for a second why the IRS is being in charge of enforcing this law?
    Of course not. People like you don’t check facts, You support based or on partisanship not based on facts.

    You will be the first to complain when your premiums are hiked or when you are denied coverage or have to wait for years to get to surgery, God forbid you need that.
    Of course you will not blame yourself for supporting that liar who promised you that if you like your doctor you will keep your doctor, and if you like your current plan you will keep your current plan, and you will not blame yourself for voting and supporting him and his admin, and I am sure you will direct your anger at Conservatives who fought for your rights, blaming them instead with some weird and unfounded conspiracy theories.

    Have fun and enjoy what you voted for and now support.

  • John Smith


    The standoff that led to the so-called shut down of the government in the us (actually 87% of the government including Obama’s Golf courses were still working) was centered around the so-called Affordable Care Act generally known as Obamacare, actually Obamadoesnotcare or the Unaffordable Uncaring Act of tyranny.

    Conservatives wanted stopping it or delaying the mandate, Liberals wanted unlimited funding which does not touch Obamacare. Conservatives funded everything except Obamacare.

    Please try to check some facts before posting.
    As much as I enjoy reading you blog, you should stay away from US politics given your lack of in-depth knowledge in them and apparent bias.

  • clockmendergb

    The slow return to good jobs is mainly due to the massive amount of outsourcing of jobs.
    The free market between the western economies makes sense as they are all producing at much the same costs

    creating free markets with the underdeveloped countries that can produce at a fraction of our costs has taken the West to the brink of Bankruptcy
    These countries such as China have taken the free trade with gusto taking everything we throw their way
    and why not.
    In return they have thrown up immense barriers for western businesses to actually own the manufacturing plants.
    I could spend a lot of time and space giving examples of this protectionism but I leave that to those that want to research it.
    Blaming Obama for the lack of jobs is ridicules.
    All the politicians are not working for us the people
    they are working for the money men Unions and Corporations that pay to get them elected.

    I find it amazing that in a Country that has 80% of its citizens claiming to be religious how easily they can dismiss the poor and needy citizens in the country.
    The obvious fact that comes to mind is that the 20% that actually have all the power just do not care .
    Power is far more appealing than passion obviously
    I owe nobody an apology for having a social conscience and will continue to fight for those that are less fortunate

  • [@R J] “So you oppose spending limits?…
    ..Did you fail basic math or skipped it completely in school?”

    Well, actually I have a masters degree in engineering, but that sequester thing did not get the job done, it was just disruptive and wasteful, like the shutdown. Obama was for spending limits until he got to write the checks. He doesn’t care how much he wastes (“invests”), because his buddies are pocketing it. I’m from Detroit, and know where that leads to.

  • Aparat

    Ashraf, with respect, you really think a lack of anyone with any argument to disprove anything I have said proves I have lost the argument? Deary me!

    clockmendergb, you are right. We do need a return to jobs. So, why has job creation under this administration been so minimal? And don’t blame the Republicans. Why would a lack of yet more legislation hinder growth? If the rest of the globe is sluggish, then put money into people’s pockets at home and they will spend. Oh, and as for the ‘right-wing dragnet’: are those interested in tech only allowed to worship at the feet of a Democrat President?

    And for everyone – I truly am fascinated by what the answer will be: what upper debt limit did you have in mind? $18tn, $19th, $20tn, $21tn, $22tn… ? Don’t alcoholics and gamblers have to stop at some point, or has Obama brought a new dawn? This money has to be repaid eventually – when did you have in mind?

  • R J


    So you oppose spending limits?
    The US is already $17 trillion in debt, and those clowns in on the left want to increase the limit saying that does not increase the debt. Does increase the blood alcohol level lead to more or less drunk related car accidents?
    Did you fail basic math or skipped it completely in school?
    Seems that you skipped common sense too.

  • R J


    The amount of ignorance in the comments is a sure sign of what is wrong withe US today. All that hate?

    Douchebag style comments like “right wing dragnet” just because you clowns want a socialist politically correct crap?How well did that work for Greece and most of Europe?

    Yeah, trust the Democrats, the same people who live on conspiracy theories, blaming others, blaming Bush, propaganda, and the people who brought you the KKK, started civil war to keep their slavery of black people, and filibustered 2 civil right acts.

  • clockmendergb

    [@Aparat] [@Aparat] f

    If you read an attack on the Republicans in this article then I see no future for them.

    We need informed thoughtful people who can see through the rhetoric to get these Politicians back doing the job they are being paid to do

    There is no place for prima donnas running the biggest market in the world

    Your one sided comments do nothing to change the status
    quo of divisiveness that we are seeing.

    I must admit I never expected the right wing dragnet to find this web site.
    I obviously underestimated the extent they will go to disrupt the return to prosperity that this country is so in need of.
    More money than sense obviously

  • “The ultimate defense of our liberties is in three boxes: the ballot box, the jury box, the ammo box. When the first two failed them, the Founders had to reluctantly turn to the third. I hope we never have to resort to it again. But it is one of the reasons for the 2nd Amendment.” — John Silveira

    The beauty of our government system, is that our founders set it up so that the ballot box would be the most powerful of the three. All it requires is an informed and involved public to work. As Thomas Jefferson put it: “We have the greatest opportunity the world has ever seen, as long as we remain honest — which will be as long as we can keep the attention of our people alive. If they once become inattentive to public affairs, you and I, and Congress and Assemblies, judges and governors would all become wolves.”

  • We need some spending restraint, like Canada, eh? It would take a lot of apple-cart upsetting, like Defense, Agriculture, Energy, Education, and entitlements. Which is why it’s not getting done.

  • Ashraf

    [@Aparat] See, your comments fall on deaf ears but I don’t give a rat’s ass about what is going on in Washington — regardless of who is in power. I do, however, enjoy pointing out the stupidness that goes on from both sides. And for the past couple of weeks, Republicans take the cake for being childish. Holding a whole country hostage because you don’t agree with an act that was legally passed by an elected congress? And failing, to boot.

    [@Luke] Hehe…

  • Luke

    [@Ashraf] I liked your old site better. The name would have made comments on this article a whole lot more ironic…

    I do have reason to believe that Ashraf isn’t particularly motivated by politics. He used to be Politically Motivated™, but that was before the time of dotTech…

    I’m having WAY too much fun right now.

  • Mike

    And, the right-ish ranters come out in the comments again . . . . Just as they did when social security and other safety nets were enacted, no doubt–and now people fight to preserve them, See you back here in 10 years. . . . .

  • melen001

    The main advantage of the Affordable Care Act is that it lowers health care costs overall by making insurance affordable for more people. That’s because insurance will be extended to two uninsured groups. First, it will include many more younger people, who are healthier. This lowers costs overall because they’ll pay premiums, but won’t use as many services. Second, insurance will become available to people who now use expensive hospital emergency room treatments instead of going to a primary care physician. This lowers costs because they will have their conditions treated before the expensive critical stage.

    Another advantage is it provides insurance more fairly. Prior to the Act, only people who fell into one of four categories could get affordable health care:

    Those who work for a company that provides it.
    Those who can afford to pay on their own and who have no pre-existing conditions.
    The very poor, who have Medicaid.
    Those who are 65 and older, who have Medicare.

    If you don’t fall into one of those categories, you are forced to pay for health care out of your pocket. If you can’t afford it, either the hospital must pick up the cost, or you must declare bankruptcy. The U.S. system was set up this way when the Federal government gave tax breaks to companies who provided health insurance for their employees.

    Another little know fact. The Affordable Care Act contains many provisions that aren’t as well known. For example, it created the National Prevention Council that coordinates all Federal health efforts to promote active, drug-free lifestyles. It funds scholarships and loans to double the number of health care providers in five years. It cuts down on fraudulent doctor/supplier relationships. It also requires background checks of all nursing home staff, to prevent abuse of seniors.

    Want to know more just go here>>>>

    I would advise you to read it first before you make an opinion.

  • Aparat

    With all due respect, you didn’t address any of my points. It’s very telling.

    It is the attack against the shut-down that shows the bias, not the supposed neutrality of the article. Prove to me that a conservative organisation or conservative individual would produce this mocking site. It would be highly unlikely, as they have a significant understanding of the wider national economic concerns which underpin the shut-down and which Republicans have tried to highlight, via the shut-down. It is difficult to get the arguments across in other ways, given the media is largely Liberal, you see?

    And, please, with only 3 % of EPA employees deemed ‘essential’ (you couldn’t make it up) and every essential service continuing pretty much as normal, few have been inconvenienced to a dangerous degree. It seems that the scope for a ‘slight’ slimming of the govt. is pretty high.

    You know, the great Liberal disease, as seen across the western world, not just in the U.S., is the preference for state employees over private-sector ones and the belief that everything can be paid for by the great magic money tree.

    Unfortunately, when the size of the state goes up, the size of the private sector goes down. And Obama has elected (no pun intended) to keep in place the increase in state spending, that followed the Great Recession, owing to the desire to keep people in work – albeit tax-payer funded – and, hence, should not act surprised by the current lacklustre private-sector job creation. No-one should be surprised. It’s elementary economics.

    Have a look at these amusing cartoons, for some perspective on the sequester cuts:

  • Ashraf

    [@Aparat] And FYI: “Obamacare” is largely unaffected by the tussle going on in Congress whereas hundreds of thousands of government employees have been furloughed and the US is approaching an economically disastrous default on debt… all because the men and women in suits siting in Washington can’t find a solution. Win for you, my conservative friend. Oh wait…

  • Ashraf

    [@Aparat]Funny, no where in the article was there a mention of liberal vs conservative, Democrat vs Republican. Rather, it was imply referred to the whole Congress. Yet, you took it upon yourself to treat this as a pro-Obama attack on conservatives. Guilty conscience, much?

  • n.n

    The House has passed budgets, year after year. The Senate has failed to approve them, year after year. The Executive is operating with expenditures of near $4 trillion annually, $2.7 trillion in receipts, and around $1 trillion in deficits. The responsibility for this gross exploitation of capital and labor does not reside with the generic Congress, but with the Senate and President specifically.

  • Aparat

    Why would I be angry about largely irrelevant employees being (temporarily) laid-off? It isn’t as if they won’t be given back-pay.

    There are greater issues at stake, than the fate of non-essential Federal employees – note: not state employees – such as the disaster that is “Obamacare” or $17 trillion of national debt or the worst state education system in the Western world or Welfarism.

    The Liberal bias of is pretty subtle, but there, nonetheless.

  • Todd Dillian

    I’m worried about the NSA tracking my call to them