Angry about government shutdown? Yell at members of Congress with DrunkCallCongress


Congress has shut down the US government and you’re not handling it very well, so what to do? How about taking a sip of that beer in your hand, and give Congress a call via DrunkCallCongress. These guys will hook you up with a member of Congress, and all you have to do is yell at them about your frustrations.

The website’s mission statement is as follows: “Whether you are a furloughed worker, being forced to work for free, or just fed up at Capitol Hill. CALL & YELL AT A RANDOM MEMBER OF CONGRESS.”

Just in case the mission statement isn’t clear enough, this should fill in:

“As Members of Congress quickly returned from their final symbolic, non-effective and otherwise useless votes to avert a government shutdown, the heavy drinking began. Reports of our representatives getting plastered on the government’s dime — the one we have left — have come streaming in from witnesses all over Capitol Hill. Now’s your chance to tell your Representative what you really think of their actions.”

Now, everything here is pretty straight forward and easy to understand. All you have to do is add your number in after that, you’ll be on the line with a member of Congress. Once that happens, just remember to let loose your frustration in any way you see fit. Don’t hold nothing back, because members of Congress are not truly human; they lack the fundamental instinct of emotions and the general feels.

[via DrunkCallCongress, image via Miss Substitute Teacher]

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