Free DefenseWall HIPS v2.56 (limited time offer)!

For a limited time (promotion ends 2 PM PST December 12, 2009), Gizmo’s is giving away DefenseWall HIPS v2.56 (no updates or support provides) for free. DefenseWall HIPS is a popular program known for its policy-based (as opposed to signature based) anti-malware approach; it creates a “trusted” and “untrusted” list of applications and reduces access for the applications on the untrusted list. DefenseWall HIPS works very similarly to GesWall which I have discussed in my article on best free security software.

Being a “HIPS” program, DefenseWall HIPS should not be used as standalone security software; it is what I call a “sidekick”. In other words, you should have other security software, such as anti-virus/anti-malware and firewall, installed on your computer. DefenseWall HIPS will play along fine with your other security software, as long as you are not running another HIPS program.

The only reservation about this promotion I have is the fact that no updates will be provided. While DefenseWall HIPS can fair well without updates because of the nature of how it works, I don’t know about you, but I would never run a security software that will receive no updates. Malware writers are continually “updating” their malware to break the newest and best shiny toys you can protect your computer with. It makes no sense for someone to use a security software that won’t receive updates.

However, if you want DefenseWall HIPS, you can grab it from the following link:

Version being given away for free: v2.56

Supported OS: Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, and Win 7 – 32-bit only

DefenseWall HIPS v2.56 giveaway homepage

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  • calebstein

    The promotion actually lasts until December 13.

  • @steve: Threat fire is diffrent from this. ThreatFire is like a police officer going around questioning people to see if they are trustable. This is more like putting unknown people in quarentine till you know if they are sick or not. (Your “mainstream” program is like the police officer looking at a list of wanted people and trying to find them in NYC at rush hour.)

    @Hans: This program as Returnil defend in diffrent way’s that don’t effect your computer. Returnil makes it that anything on the system since the last ‘save’ can be delete with no bad effects. This program prevents unknown programs from doing bad stuff to your system so you can’t compare them.

    @Ashraf: I think i’ll skip on this one, seams some what over killish since the UAC is supose to do something like this.

  • Hans

    Just want to know if this DefenseWalls Hips compared with Returnil Virtual System Home Lux ?
    Which one is better?
    I’m using PCtools Internet Security 2010, which one is most suitable ?
    Thank you.

  • giovanni

    I think that MAMUTU, which was given away for free earlier, is much better than this offer and not just because of the update issue.

    What do you make of it, Ashraf??

    So I believe that those geeks like me who took advantage of the MAMUTU past offer don’t need to install this freebie.

    But, just out of curiosity, in order to use this along with a-squared Anti-Malware and/or AVIRA AntivirPREMIUM 9, does anybody know whether or not it’s necessary to disable the Background Guard?

  • Aviator365

    Hi I use Zone alarm pro which i got free, does it have this HIPS. Or should i stay clear from this?

  • steve

    Does anyone know how is compares with ThreatFire? Can the to be run simultaneously?

  • Vincent

    Thanks for sharing Ashraf!

    Very good tip, something which should be installed in every computer to prevent prohibited activity in the system.

    A very good tool also for learn how Windows work inside as well.

  • fishingjoe

    I am a happy-clicker Joe who still runs on an administrator account.
    So how should I run ?
    send reply by email

  • John

    Also, if anyone wants to follow where they’re getting the download list from, it’s here:

    Christmas Calender.

  • MikeR

    @ Ashraf:

    I too am surprised at Gizmo.

    Though the Defensewall offer seems generous, the reality is that a fixed defence of the castle is of no use when marauders are constantly evolving new ways of getting in via the back.

    Incapable of being updated, and thus incapable of reacting to new threats, Defensewall is less a formula for protection as a recipe for user complacency.

    And everyone knows where complacency leads when it comes to malware.

  • o(o.o)o

    Now this one’s definitely a keeper! Thanks for the heads up.

    Even if this version doesn’t get upgrades, it wouldn’t really matter imho as long as the user runs it in tandem with a good AV. It is a great security complement especially for the average happy-clicker Joe who still runs on an administrator account.