Free Google Wave invites and the Google Wave Open Thread


For those of you active in the forums, you probably know that multiple times various different dotTechies have offered to give other dotTechies Google Wave invites for free. To keep this a little bit more organized, we have now created a single open thread for all people to exchange Google Wave invites in. The thread works like this: People who have Google Wave invites post in the thread saying how many invites they have and offering to invite people:


People who need Google Wave invites send a PM to the people offering invites asking for an invite (be sure to include an e-mail and say please and thank you):


The person with the invites then sends the person asking for the invite an invite to the e-mail provided in the PM:


After that, the person with the invites should edit his/her post on the thread to reflect the new number of Google Wave invites left:


Of course to participate in the Google Wave Open Thread – as an inviter or invitee – you need to register on dotTech otherwise you won’t be able to post on the forums.

To keep the thread as clean and easily navigable as possible, any off-topic or unrelated post made in the thread will be deleted – sorry!

To start things off, I have 9 invites to share with the dotTech community. To get one of my invites, head over to the Google Wave Open Thread in the forums and send me a PM!

If you have any comments or suggestions or questions about this Google Wave invite sharing process, feel free to share them below in the comments.

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