DARPA will pay you $2 million to build hacker proof defense network

Quantum Encryption Will Stop Hackers

DARPA wants to build a hacker proof defense network, but it doesn’t know how. So guess what? DARPA wants you to do it, and if you’re successful, you’ll be paid a whopping $2 million. This is part of the departments “Cyber Grand Challenge” that will take place over the next 3 years, which should be enough time to write a few line of code designed for the Pentagon.

With all the leaked reports of the NSA and its spying ambition, one can be certain that other countries are on the verge of improving their own technology to match what the U.S. has under its belt. This is one of the reasons for a hacker proof defense network, along with the increase in Chinese hacking on U.S. soil.

“DARPA’s series of vehicle Grand Challenges were the dawn of the self-driving car revolution,” said Mike Walker, DARPA program manager. “With the Cyber Grand Challenge, we intend a similar revolution for information security. Today, our time to patch a newly discovered security flaw is measured in days. Through automatic recognition and remediation of software flaws, the term for a new cyber attack may change from zero-day to zero-second.”

While this could turn out to be a good thing for the Pentagon, we’re not sure if there will ever be a hacker proof network. What the Pentagon seeks can only be classified as a dream, nevertheless, nothing beats trying.

[via DARPA, image via Voice of Grey Hat]

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