Google Chrome will support Windows XP until 2015, a year after Microsoft stops supporting it


As support for Windows XP begins to wind down, Google wants users to know it hasn’t given up on the operating system yet. Microsoft has announced that it will be ending support of the older operating system on April 8, 2014, but Google knows that many users still use the operating system and means to continue support until 2015.

As support ends for Windows XP it becomes more vulnerable for malware and viruses as patches and updates are not pushed out to users. Microsoft will stop sending out updates and patches or offering any online or phone support. Google plans on making regular updates to their Chrome web browser to help keep XP users safe and secure when online.

It should be noted while Google is planning on keeping patches and updates going for Chrome for an additional year, it is simply to give users more time to migrate to a newer operating system; they don’t want you to stay on XP forever. Windows 8, anyone?

[via Google Chrome Blog]

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