Google is testing large banners ads on Google Search


Google may soon change the way ads look to make them more graphic and more visible. The online giant testing the use of large banner ads in search results for selected brands, despite a promise in 2005 that Google would never display banner ads on Google Search: “There will never be crazy commercials that fill your screen and move on it. Never.”

According to Search Engine Land, SynrgyHQ posted a picture on Twitter showing how Google ads will look like in the future, through a print screen that displays a commercial airline named Southwest Airlines. A Google spokesman confirmed that this is a little experiment made for the U.S. market, but did not say whether it will be introduced worldwide.

Basically, the new type of ad is an image stretched across the whole screen, with paid links beneath it. Until now, ads on Google Search have been text-based and tried to emulate the style of unpaid legitimate searches to make the user experience more natural.

It isn’t clear if these type of ads will make it mainstream but, as of now, the new type of ad is being tested with 30 companies in the United States and occurs in less than 5% searches.

[via searchengineland, image via searchengineland]

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  • Mikerman

    [@Ashraf] Thank you for your post. I’m tired of seeing the Obama hate and disrespect here and being the one to respond.

  • etim

    [@Ashraf] Agreed. I’m not anti-Obama, just disappointed–as I’m sure he is too.
    He found that he couldn’t fight the corporatocracy (sp?) any better than the next guy.
    And though he admires JFK, he sure as hell doesn’t wanna end up like him.

  • Ashraf

    [@vandamme] I don’t understand all this Obama hate. How is he any different than other presidents? People need to wake up and realize; there are more important things that go on behind the scenes than what the president does, and the majority of national policies remain the same over the years regardless of which president is in power. Case in point: NSA spying isn’t something started by Obama… he just continued it.

    As much as it may seem otherwise, a new president comes and goes every four or eight years while people that world behind the scenes do their jobs for much longer, and thus have more say in policy that a president that won’t be here in a few years.

    I’m not pro-Obama or pro any politicians. I’m saying, wake up and smell the coffee.

  • etim

    [@vandamme] No matter how pure one’s intentions are at the onset, a politician is a politician is a politician.
    If you work with pigs, you’ll smell like pigs.

  • [@etim] People didn’t think Obama was evil when they elected him.

  • etim

    I guess they think the slogan “don’t be evil” can still be maintained if you slowly and steadily work to change people’s perception of what is called “evil”.