Sony answers every question you have about the PlayStation 4 in massive FAQ


With a little over two weeks left before the launch of the PlayStation 4, Sony has released “The Ultimate FAQ” for the system. It contains a massive amount of details and facts regarding the console, and you’ll likely find the answers to any lingering questions within it.

Some interesting tidbits from the FAQ:

• The PlayStation 4 will not support external hard drives, users will be required to change the internal hard drive for more storage space

• It won’t support music CD or MP3 playback at launch

• Support for media servers and DLNA functionality has been dropped

• Players will be able to begin playing games while patches download

Sony notes that this FAQ will be updated post-launch, since there are still details that have yet to be finalized. Some of which include the features listed above, which might be introduced in a future firmware update.

[via PlayStation Blog]

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