Apparently, North Korean tablet is not too bad, comes with Microsoft Office

north korean tablet

North Korea is a country known mostly for oppressive government and leader Kim Jong-un, but who would have thought the good ole North has the capabilities to create a decent touchscreen Android tablet device. The device is a state produced tablet called Samjiyon SA-70, and it has been making the rounds recently at Asian trade shows.

The Samjiyon SA-70 has managed to attract the attention of the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. The Journal explains that the North Korea tablet is no joke, however; don’t expect it to walk in the same lane as the Apple iPad. You can tell this thing is awesome when there’s a huge North Korean missile as the background image, or could it be a space rocket?

The tablet comes packed with a TV receiver and a stack of revolutionary literature. Furthermore, the North managed to add a fully functional Microsoft Office package. (Which we find odd, by the way, since there is not even an official Microsoft Office for Android yet.) Right away we have the idea this tablet could work as a research tool, but then our hopes were permanently damaged when we realized the Samjiyon SA-70 won’t be able to connect to the Internet in the West. If you’re in North Korea, the tablet can only connect to the country’s Intranet, which doesn’t allow users to watch porn.

By the way, guess what? This North Korean tablet can play Angry Birds. Bet you’re impressed now.

[via Wall Street Journal]

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  • Coyote

    [@vandamme] How dare you question the great leaders manufacturing capabilities. These tablets were mined from the great tablet mines in the hills of Pyongyang, and to question their ability to create a office suite that looks and functions just like the dirty americans is grounds for having your hands cut off so you can no longer post such nonsense.

  • The photo I saw looked like it was repackaged in Best Korea, not designed and built there. And can I presume that it’s an official licensed Microsoft Office, not just an icon for the Chinese copy?

  • James Graham

    No surprise here since tablets, Android and Office were all invented by Kim Jong-il back in the 1980s.

    And didja hear about that golf game?

  • Tom

    The export version comes preloaded with Polonium.

  • Coyote

    So how long until some industrious XDA member roots and slaps CWM on there?

    Also a bit curious about the TV tuner, is it VHF/UHF/some communist shortwave channel receiver?