New Gogo Text and Talk service allows for texting and phone calls while flying on airplanes


Through Gogo’s new Text and Talk service, it has become possible to text and even talk while on flights.

The news, which was announced Friday by Gogo, indicated that those who wished to have the ability to text or talk while flying should download the Gogo Biz app. They will also have to buy a software key, and use that key to activate the Gogo Biz the app when they are connected to to the plane’s WiFi. Your phone still has to be in airplane mode, and this will only work on planes that currently support in-flight WiFi and are above 10,000 feet in the air. But, still, it beats the ridiculous amounts airlines charge for their built-in phones.

The emphasis right now is on texting and, according to CNET, texting with Gogo Biz works perfectly while calls are still iffy. “There is strong demand for this service and the ability to text in flight,” Brad Jaehn said to NBC. Brad is Gogo’s vice president and added that, “we think a lot of our users will want to have the option to text while in flight.”

I can definitely see the benefit of being able to text in flight, especially when on a long flight and for the more business-oriented person. I am hoping that they only leave it a texting though, because the idea of hearing dozens of people on their phone, talking, while in an airplane, which can already be a stressful situation for some, is not that appealing.

There is no word yet on how much the software key will cost. And it isn’t entirely clear if Gogo Biz allows for free phone calls and texts vis-a-vis VoIP or if it charges per minute or if it uses your phone carrier’s billing/plan system. Hopefully we will learn more in the near future.

[via Huffington Post, CNET]

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  • Coyote

    What is the point of Gogo? Are they just yet another middleman that charges fees for fees that the airlines just don’t have enough time to make up on their own? I was under the impression in-flight wifi was already a thing the airlines offered, aren’t they just piggy-backing off that? As for in flight calls those could be routed through a digital medium like Skype so shouldn’t cost more at all. Let alone charging for text messages… I don’t know how the phone companies still get away with it but it looks like the airlines are jumping on that wagon as fast as they can before the FCC eventually rules it unfair and abusive to customers. of course anything to do with airlines and additional fees will come out as yet another way to abuse paying customers that just want to fly….

    However, it’s been my belief for quite a while now that the air lines do NOT want people flying. They want it back like the 50’s~60’s where it was cool to fly, it was the richmans way to get away from the plebs, people would actually dress up in suits and dresses like they were civilized or somthing. Now it’s all 300lb sweaty people and soccer moms in sweatpants. I can see why they would like to make it as unappealing as possible.