Evil Controllers launching custom-made PS4 and Xbox One controllers


This fall and till the summer of 2014, every tongue will be wagging about PS4 and Xbox One, debating whether one is better than the other. Since it is a norm that gaming consoles are released along with their intricate accessories, this time, as last time, Evil Controllers is launching custom made joysticks for Xbox One and PS4.

Evil Controllers first launched custom made controllers for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, and those controllers were quite successful in the market. As of now, Evil Controllers is offering a limited number of designs for controllers of Xbox One and PS4, but very soon it shall launch a web-app for designing controller designs. The web-app will let users design their own controllers, place their orders, and receive their custom-made controllers from Evil Controllers.

Furthermore, people may suspect that the custom-made controllers may not have the original hardware that is used in controllers sold by Sony and Microsoft, but controllers sold by Evil Controllers will have the same hardware rendering the original user-experience. However, these new controllers have a starting price tag of $85, which will surely not convince people to buy these controllers after having spent $399 for PS4 or $499 for Xbox One.

[via engadget]

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