Bill Gates assassinates Steve Ballmer… in latest South Park episode

south park

With the release of the Xbox One an reports that they have sold a million units as well, the console wars continue to escalate, especially given the fact that Xbox One seems to have a much stronger launch line-up of games that the PS4, which to its credit, is $100 cheaper than the new Xbox.

South Park has continued it’s ridicule of the mania that can be present in these console wars, especially among hardcore fanboys and fangirls on either side. It’s latest episode featured some pretty dark, yet definitely characteristic for the show, moments.

“When I stepped down and left you in charge of the company I knew there might be some challenges for you,” says Bill Gates, via South Park form, in the episode. “Weakness is believing that competition is healthy. I can’t have you idiots throwing away everything I worked so hard to achieve.”

He tells this to Steve Ballmer’s character as he also has an assassin come up from behind and stab Ballmer in the chest. It is probable that South Park will continue with this story for at least an episode of two, since the episode ends with Cartman and Gates becoming partners of sorts.

[via The Verge, image via Cea’s flickr]

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