Tamagotchis are returning from the dead


Who remembers the Tamagotchi? It’s a toy that taught us when we were growing up on how to be responsible, taught us about friendship and how having a child or pet can lead to stress and constant hard work. It’s the reason why I have never had a pet and may never will, unless it’s a Pokemon. Tamagochi also taught us that if you leave your pets and child in feces for days, they will die.

Now it is time for a new generation to take part in the hardship we have endured in the past as the Tamagotchi is returning from the grave. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for what has once been, is again.

Bandai the Japanese toy maker behind the original Tamagotchi is relaunching the beloved toy from the 90s as Tamagochi Friends. The new toy looks similar to the ones before in both design and style, however; Bandai chose to throw in a few new features to more relate to the new generation of children. For example, you can now choose one of several Tamagotchi characters to raise as your own. That’s a huge deal as the old model only allowed for one.

Furthermore, the new toys come with a short range communicator that allows the user to bump their Tamagotchi with another Tamagotchi so both virtual pets can play with play with each other.

Great stuff here, and guess what? It only cost $20 a pop.

[via Tamagochi Friends]

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