BlueShift Helium portable speaker can charge fully in 5 minutes


One of the many things holding back mobile technology right now is battery life and the time it takes to charge. This problem could be a thing of the past as a company known only as BlueShift is working on a portable speaker box that is able to charge in just 5 minutes. The other awesome thing about this speaker is that, after that 5 minutes charge, the speaker is capable of playing on full volume for 6 hours straight.

Just imagine being able to get 6 hours of battery life from a single charge? Life changing stuff right here you guys. Compared to other portable speaker boxes on the market, this is a huge improvement and could eventually bring forth a new era in battery technology.

Inside the battery are things that are called supercapacitors. With this, users will have a maximum of 500,000 charge time before the batteries go lights out. Design wise, the Helium portable speaker looks great with it wooden finish. There’s also Bluetooth support for those who are interested in connecting their mobile.

If you’re interested, pledge at least $350 on Crowd Supply and you’ll be rewarded your very own Helium Speaker at the end of the campaign.

Sound’s like an OK deal to us. However, while the battery tech is great, we’re still skeptic of the sound quality along with the build quality.

[via Crowd Supply]

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