Paper shopping bag transforms into a hanger for clothes, sweeeet!


Usually when you purchase a shirt at a store, they never give you at least a plastic hanger to go home with. If you want the hanger, you’ll have to pay for it, and that’s just dirty business. Scumbag store! But worry not though, for some designer dude came up with a shopping bag that is capable of transforming into a hanger.

With a shopping bag like this, you can purchase your shirt, put it in, bring it home, and hang it on the shopping bag after the transformation sequence. It’s a wonderful redesign of the shopping bag and something that could become the next best thing for your wife or girlfriend. Then again, one has to take into account the cost stores would impose on content just to accommodate these shopping bags without an overhead cost.

Now, turning such a bag into a hanger will take just a tiny bit of effort, so don’t worry about complications. According to the video below, all one needs to do here is fold, and fold some more until it transforms into a hanger.

With this kind of shopping bag, we can have a better environment and more hangers in our rooms each time we go shopping. Let me share a little secret about us dotTech writers. We love to go shopping, OMG OMG OMG!

[via Core777]

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