Sony challenges Google Glass by patenting… smart wigs


Ever since Google unveiled its Google Glass prototype, it seems like every major tech company wants to make a wearable device. Samsung released a smartwatch called the Galaxy Gear and rumors of an Apple watch were a constant. Sony has decided to throw their hat in the ring, albeit in a more unconventional manner. While others have gone with more common everyday items such as watches or a pair of glasses, a recent patent application suggests Sony is going to use a wig. Yes, a wig.

The patent that Sony filed in the US is titled “SmartWig.” The device, which is a… smart… wig…, would contain a range of sensors that could detect things like blood pressure and even brain waves. Practical uses for the SmartWig include helping blind people navigate without assistance, according to Sony.

According to a Sony spokesperson, the SmartWig is still in a “fundamental research stage” and that the Japanese company has yet to decide whether to commercialize the product or not.

One advantage of substituting an everyday accessory with a “smart” version of it is that people might be more willing to do it. If somebody wears a watch or glasses everyday and is presented with an upgraded version of it, there’s a very good chance they’ll be receptive to it. On the other hand, not everyone wears or is willing to wear a wig.

Would you wear a SmartWig? Or is the idea just ridiculous? Let us know in the comments below!

[via CNN, image via Brent 2.0]

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