Amazon reveals its future delivery system, PrimeAir with “octocopters”


In the last few years, the tech industry is taking a new direction. The industry is changing so rapidly that none of the industries is able to fully adapt to it. As a result, every company is striving to stay ahead of its rivals once the seismic plates of the industry settle.

If we watch the trend manifested by the upcoming technology, we come to the conclusion that people go for services and gadgets that save them time. Those services and gadgets that can accomplish tasks much quickly become the people’s favorite. This feature of time saving is heavily connected with how products are delivered over the internet (eCommerce). Amazon, as we all know is the most popular eCommerce service, plans to stay ahead in the face of the changes in the industry, and as robots  take up jobs formerly done by humans, Amazon plans to integrate “octocopters” in its delivery service.

CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bozos, unveiled the upcoming delivery service “Prime Air” on the TV program “60 minutes.” With the octocopters, Amazon will be able to deliver any package under 5 pounds within half an hour to any location. The drones have a range of 10 miles and can be operated whenever needed.

Jeff Bozos considers using the new delivery system by 2015. He says the following:

“Putting Prime Air into commercial use will take some number of years as we advance the technology and wait for the necessary FAA rules and regulations.”

[via engadget]


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