managed to support a million users, there are still some bugs though


The Affordable Health Care Act has definitely had a tumultuous couple of months. Finally it seems to be working for the most part and on Monday it was able to handle a million users, though there are still some bugs that need to be worked out.

Luckily the site has remained somewhat stable and has not suffered a crash yet, though so far the number of new enrollments that were processed on Monday was around 18,000. One of the methods being used by the site to ease the burden on it is to put people into a queuing system and alert them later via email that they can return at a time that is much less busy.

One of the major problems that still remains is that sometimes the data does not process properly and people may end up enrolling in wrong plans. Urging on this problem is the fact that the deadline for enrolling is December 23 and according to the new health care act you can get a fine for not having health insurance.

It does seem very unfair to fine someone for not being able to sign up for health insurance because of problems on your own site. Hopefully the deadline can be pushed back or the fine can be waived for those who couldn’t register in time because of the malfunctions.

[via The Verge, image via X Daniel Rehn’s flickr]

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