Criminals tried to smuggle contraband into prison using drones


These days, drones are being used for everything, even for smuggling contraband into a prison. In the past, only the military had drones, but now, anyone can just walk into a store and purchase one of these bad boys. They are relatively cheap and not so difficult to control mid-flight. Hence, you see stuff like this happening.

Here’s what happened. Apparently, prison guards on watch at the Calhoun State Prison, Georgia, saw an RC helicopter drone flying above the yard. In no time, they alerted the police who began a wide search for the suspects. Before long, the cops found a nearby car with six drones, tobacco and several mobile phones.

The report claims that four people were arrested, and they could face up to 20 years in prison if found guilty of attempting to smuggle tobacco into the prison.

“After we gained consent to search the car we found the helicopter, and I don’t know exactly how much it was but probably about one or two pounds of tobacco rolled up,” said Sheriff Josh Hilton.

“Everybody had several cell phones with different contacts. People try different things but the helicopter was something new. It is a surprise I’ve never seen a helicopter. They were in the woods flying it they had binoculars evidently so they could watch it,” Hilton said.

It should come as no surprise that crooks are being this creative with technology. One thing is for certain, as technology increases; the police is going to have more of a difficult time upholding the law.

[via Ottawa Sun, image via Gawker]

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