Google now lets you download all your Gmail emails and Google Calendar data


Want to be able to download key information from your Google accounts? Well, now you can. Google recently unveiled new additions to their Google Takeout service that allows you to download data from more of your Google accounts to be archived or used elsewhere.

The newest additions to Google Takeout include Gmail and Google Calendar. You can now download contact information, emails, and appointments in an MBOX archive format or export them so that you can import them into a different service. There is also greater control over what you download, allowing you to pick and choose what you want to archive and what you want to export for use elsewhere.

There may be some Google users that don’t have access to the feature for Gmail just yet. Google says that the Gmail email downloading feature is a “rolling update” but everyone should have access to it by the end of December. For those who want to export or archive information from your Google Calendar, that feature went live yesterday for everyone.

There are other Google services that are already supported by Google Takeout. Those services include Google+, YouTube, Google Voice, Google Hangout, Google Drive as well as other Google data.

Interested in using Google Takeout? Check it out from here.

[via The Next Web]

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