Free CZ.CC domains for life (no credit card required)!

In November of last year I wrote about how everyone can get free CO.CC domains. Well now I am here to tell you about another very similar offer, except this time it is about free CZ.CC domains.

Like the CO.CC offer, users are allowed to register free CZ.CC domains and keep them for free for life (renewals are free); users can register up to 5 domains for free per account. Each domain comes with full DNS control (URL forwarding, nameserver control, and zone records control) so users can use the domains with any hosting service (see InMotion Hosting for great paid hosting or 000WebHost for free web hosting) or even use the domain to create their own custom e-mail address.

Also similar to CO.CC, you need not require a credit card to get a free CZ.CC domain but you do have to fill out a fairly extensive registration form.

So, the million dollar question is why use CZ.CC over CO.CC? Well, to be honest, there really is only one major reason to use CZ.CC over CO.CC: CZ.CC is not as popular as CO.CC so if the domain name you want is already taken on CO.CC it may not be taken on CZ.CC.

To get started, simply visit the CZ.CC homepage from the following link and search for your very own dream domain:

CZ.CC homepage

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