Help dotTech win “Best Geek Blog” of 2010 at Blogger’s Choice Awards!

Last year I ran a belated campaign to try to get dotTech to win “Best Geek Blog” at Blogger’s Choice Awards for 2009. Well, unfortunately, we did not win – we got 6th if I remember properly. However, this year is ours! So, I once again ask the dotTech family to band together and vote for dotTech as the “Best Geek Blog” of 2010 at Blogger’s Choice Awards (click here to vote)! Thanks to the efforts of Wheezer (thanks man!) we are currently in second place with 24 votes (first place has 58 votes – let’s beat them this year). Please vote!

As a reminder, to vote you do have to register with BCA. It is doubly unfortunate that registration involves entering a lot of personal information:


Now personally speaking, I would never enter that much personal information on a website run by an unknown company. Heck, I even bite my tongue when giving that information to my bank. So if you don’t feel comfortable giving that information out and therefore will not register and therefore will not vote for dotTech… don’t sweat it – I understand, it is OK. However, every and all votes are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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  • Luka

    Its another one for Dummy Essentials. I Dont understand this webisite has been soo much degrading and letting down Dummy Essntials but still these guys are managing one award after another.

    Now I have my doubts on Ashraf… sorry to say.!! But I dont see any response coming from Ashraf on this forum now.

    Have fun ppl but I am for sure shifting my base to Dummy Essentials now.

    Bloggers Choice Awards 2010: My vote goes for Dummy Essentials.

  • Linda


    Alicia has very rightly said for a fair competition against I also personally feel that we get should have something from Ashraf on this but I dont see Ashraf responding and gives a feeling that we dont have one. :(

    @ All: Lets keep voting for ashraf. Inspite of so many votes Ashraf is still unable to win. :(

    These people @ Dummy Essentials are giving us a run ;)

  • Stacey

    Hey Ashraf,
    I also voted for you. I went through the link on the above comment. Congrats to Dummy Essentials for their interview getting published on the top magazine.

    I was browsing through Dummy Essentials but I dont find a place where those guys have urged/requested visitors to vote for them in BCA, then why do we need such kind of posts here. Is it that none of us here believe that we should vote for Ashraf coz it gives a feel that Dot tech is not deserving but is attracting votes in this manner. Also I see that Dummy Essentials was winner for 2009.

    Seems they are gonna give us tough competition in BCA. Hope Ashraf wins this time. :) All the best.
    Request all of you to vote for him. :D


  • Alicia

    @ All & @ Ashraf,

    Hey did you get to know that an interview of Dummy Essentials got published in Romania’s top magazine recently that too in romanian language. People are flowing from all parts of the world on Dummy Essentials and this time its Romania.

    Can we have something from Ashraf as well so that its a fair competition and we can also show that we are no less that any other blog.

    Here is the link of what I came through when I was searching for best geek stuffs:

  • Ez Does It

    Just finished voting

    I also got 5 more friends to vote for this great hero who is doing such a great job on our behalf each and every day

    Thanks Ashraf
    You are the best

  • Sandeep

    I used the forgot password option as i forgot the password but they didn’t send me any password. I already tried two times. Today is the third time. Not sure when they gona send me the password so that i can vote for dotTech. :-(

    If they didn’t send me this time then i will create a new account (e-mail as well as on the best geek site) as i already used all my e-mail address.

  • Paul

    I hope you win!

  • janet

    I figured they want the birthdate either because they want to know you are over thirteen, or they want to send you birthday greetings on your birthday….:-)….

  • Ozzie

    @Su B: Ahem, you don’t have to put your actual birthdate! But I do love your honesty!

  • Su B

    The only personal info. I am not comfortable providing there is the mandatory birth date.
    About promotional offers on .tech: it is one of the standard methods of attracting visitors. But unlike most others, .tech fulfills the visitors’ expectations after luring them in. What is bad in that? But I’d agree that the forum design needs improvement.[Is that an embedded forum?]
    About competition with Dummy Essentials: Competition is welcome. Guess what? Perhaps I would have never known about DE if this competition was not there!

  • Stuart

    @janet: Well, I assume, the problem lies with IE6, Janet :) Not your mistake, I was really put off by that browser long back. You are right, it shows incomplete stuff. I checked their site through IE6 too, Firefox certainly displays a different and complete picture to all the menus and search options. Guess, we need to inform the Dummy Essentials guys about it too. Probably they can modify the site to suit it best to IE too! And I suggest you upgrade to Firefox, I am sure you are missing out on a lot of stuff on a lot of other sites too, using the IE6 browser.
    @Ozzie: Not at all, Ozzie, I am sure we all meant our comments to be in the good sense

  • Ozzie

    @Stuart: As I said, good luck to them. I didn’t tear the site apart, nor would I. I thought my comment was pretty benign. Sorry it’s been taken so badly.

  • janet


    Hi Stuart!

    Thought you might like to know that your letter appeared in my mailbox a while back, so even if it didn’t appear on the site, it apparently did get out to the list….:-)….

    Is there a way to post a picture here? I would love to send a screen shot of my Dummy Essentials page. No tutorials, and no listing of articles except the first few words of the title on a dropdown menu….:-(…. I would be grateful if someone who uses the site could get in touch with me and let me know how they find information on the site and maybe send me a screen shot of how the site comes up on their system.

    Thanks, Janet

  • Stuart

    @Xenab: @Ozzie: @Janetb:
    I tried posting this comment sometime back, but it seems there is some problem here, so posting it again, don’t be surprised guys if you see my comments coming in again ;)
    I completely agree with what you have written, Xenab. Ashraf is a nice guy and I have used his site to my betterment a lot of times :) and so my vote goes to him! However that doesn’t mean Dummy Essentials guys are not good. They are a good too and I admire their tutorials a lot. They have their own individuality in the tech world and Ashraf has his own. Its not compulsory for every blogger to have a thread area. I don’t think they won because of some voting hanky-panky, because I personally know someone, who made fake id’s and voted there in 2008 and his blog was disqualified. BCA guys trace genuine voting through your IP address I guess. Their winning in 2-3 categories proves that they were well deserved winners. And if Dummy Essentials is not going ahead with the competition this year, as Xenab has mentioned, I don’t think it will be hard for us to win. Wheezer has rightly said, Ashraf, clear a place on on your mantle for the award! :)

  • janet


    I don’t know if it is perhaps a language issue, but I was shocked to be accused of “degrading a site” …:-)…! I was simply commenting on a post on the Dummy Essentials page of the competition and sharing the results of going to see for myself by checking out the site! I’m always delighted to find a new site for computer help/discussions, as I am familiar with a number of them, and was simply surprised/disappointed at what I found…

    I wrote the reasons I thought the site was not well designed and that it did not seem to me to offer much relative to other computer help sites, and would still appreciate comments on my findings. I was at the same time quick to say it might be just that IE6 was not giving me an accurate view of the site, as I always give the benefit of the doubt until I establish otherwise. I had hoped that someone here might get back to me and say that there WAS in fact a place on the site with some sort of forum where you could ask a question or start a thread; that there WAS some sort of index where you could see what categories of items they have–some sort of archive…

    I also had tried a search for “backup” to see if there was some discussion of backup software or some general article on backing up options, but the search brought up only three articles which were not at all about backing up but rather just had the word ‘backup’ somewhere in the body of the article. Thus no discussion of the whole backup issue…. I did searches for other topics that were of interest to me (the sort of things that come up a lot on dotTech), but only came up with a very few articles, and they unfortunately were irrelevant—they simply had the search word somewhere in the body of the text. The ONLY way I found to, in any way, see what was available from the site was a very small dropdown menu which you had to scroll ad infinitum to go through the long list of article titles which were cut off because the box was so small. These are reasons I would call a site poorly designed. If the purpose is to be a reference source for computer info, the most important element should be to easily locate desired info and to be able to ask questions….

    I am still assuming/hoping that perhap the site did not work right for me because of IE6…. Parenthetically, the only reason I knew this might be the case was because I learned it from dotTech! [I know from Ashraf that I apparently don’t get a lot of the cool stuff on this site….:-)….]

    If the site in fact was working properly for me, then the post on the Dummy Essentials page about fictional voters would make sense, as I don’t see how people looking for problem solutions would vote it THE BEST site on the web….:-)….

    I considered my post to be a report sharing what I found and—in effect—a request to let me know how to locate information on the Dummy Essentials site so that I can use it too..:-)…. I never badmouth either sites or people and agree that we certainly do not want that sort of thing here at dotTech…! But reasoned comments should always be welcome..:-)…

  • Stuart

    @Xenab: @Ozzie: @Janetb: I completely agree with what you have written, Xenab. Ashraf is a nice guy and I have used his site to my betterment a lot of times and so my vote goes to him! However that doesn’t mean Dummy Essentials guys are not good. They are good too and I admire their tutorials a lot. They have their own individuality in the tech world and Ashraf has his own. Its not compulsory for every blogger to have a thread area. I don’t think they won because of some voting hanky-panky, because I personally know someone, who made fake id’s and voted there in 2008 and his blog was disqualified. BCA guys trace genuine voting through your IP address I guess. Their winning in 2-3 categories proves that they were well deserved winners. And if Dummy Essentials is not going ahead with the competition this year, as Xenab has mentioned, I don’t think it will be hard for us to win. Wheezer has rightly said, Ashraf, clear a place on your mantle for the award!

  • Ozzie

    @Xenab: Actually, I did extend congratulations to them.

  • Xenab

    Hey, I was quite shocked to see you guys commenting all this about a blog I closely follow. I am ofcourse a fan of Ashraf’s blog but at the same time, I love Dummy Essentials too! C’mon guys, let’s have a healthy competition, not try unfair means of getting on the top by trying to degrade a well deserved blog. We can’t deny the fact that they have a huge fan following and an excellent blog. As far as I am aware, they are not interested in going ahead with the competition this year, since they were the winners in quite a few categories last year, but their fans are still voting for them and they are on no.1 position. It means their readers do like them, and for good reason too. They are a friendly and helpful lot. They have helped me personally, solve a lot of issues and I appreciate that. And Janet, no where do I feel that its “a poorly designed site and a very difficult to read–dull lettering on a dull bkgrnd”, unless you are color-blind ;) kidding! I guess you need to start working on Firefox or a good browser, lots more have come up after IE6. I appreciate the fact that nowhere do they try and degrade other blogs to become winners. Their job makes them win everytime. And you all are trying to potray a very poor picture of Ashraf’s blog by discussing other blogs. C’mon he deserves better guys. Let’s make him win the race by concentrating just here.
    Lets not try luring visitors on this site with freebies and stuffs. Dummy Essentials does not do it. If you deserve to win you will surely win.

  • janet


    When I went to the page, I got the impression that “Best Blogging Host” refers to SITES that host (lots of) others’ blogs—not authors of individual blogs…..

  • Hasu

    Voted yesterday for “Best Blogging Host” and “Best Geek Blog”! I hope you win!

  • Ozzie

    @Janetb: I just checked out the site that won, and I have to agree. Not earth-shattering. But congrats to them. Let’s give them a real run for their money this year though!

  • Ozzie

    @Janetb: Perhaps, yeah. But still, they’re visiting in droves for the giveaway, and the announcement is at the top of the page. Just peeves me a bit, I guess.

  • Janetb

    On the Dummy page under Comments, this post appears:
    WARNING:::It has been observed that you are USING FAKE ACCOUNTS to Vote. This will result in ban of your BLOG from the competition. Kindly reduce spamming with comments and Fake accounts to vote. For more information:
    Added on 27 Dec 2009 at 09:21AM EST

    Later comments thought the poster was someone sabotaging the site….But it seems quite credible to me that they do not have such a great following and only won because of some voting hanky-panky–when I took a look at the site, I thought it was very poorly designed and didn’t offer much…unless perhaps as a IE6 user I’m missing menus, etc….There was only a dropdown menu of very specific issues where the ends of the lines were cut off and you couldn’t scroll. So you can’t really get an idea of what subjects are covered. And I could not find any place where you could ask questions ie start a thread! In addition, the whole site was very difficult to read–dull lettering on a dull bkgrnd. Unless it’s an IE6 problem, I can’t see how anyone would vote it the best Geek Blog–there are lots of much better ones (Ashraf, of course, is my favorite…:-)…….

    I think you may be a little hard on people—Keep in mind that the only people who know about dotTech’s participation in this competition are people who are signed up here–they are the only ones who would know of this thread…!

  • Ozzie

    @Zambi: I use Trashmail (the Firefox plug-in). Quick and easy that way.

  • Zambi

    Hey, guys, you might use, by the way, the disposable mail service at …

  • Ozzie

    @Janetb: I voted six times, and I’ll vote more as the months go by. The way I see it, voting multiple times helps to make up for those slack people who come out of the woodwork in their hundreds whenever Ashraf has a giveaway but never bother to support him beyond that. As you can see from the latest giveaway, there are plenty of them. They’ll spend time coming in and asking for freebies, but they won’t take the time to give anything back. I really don’t think it’s too much to ask, personally.

  • Janetb

    Can someone put a post in Giveawayoftheday with a link to the voting (I don’t know how to do that)? I bet there are LOTS of people there who would LOVE to vote for Ashraf but don’t know anything about the competition….Even if they come to read Goatd reviews on dotTech, they would not know about the voting….

  • Janetb

    Can you really vote more than once?!? If so, then all the ‘Old Faithfuls’ should VOTE AGAIN and it’s in the bag…:-)…!! When does voting end?

  • Wheezer

    As of right now, 5am Central Time, USA, February 3rd.

    DotTech is in 2nd place, only 10 votes behind the leader. It’s 110 to 120!

    We’re getting there folks. Keep up the voting everybody. :-)

    Ashraf, clear a place on your mantle for the award! ;-)

  • paf

    Hi Ashraf, it is done. Hope we win this year. take care.

  • József

    VOTED ! (and Congratulation ! )

  • cwc7268

    It’s a No Brainer…dotTech IS THE BEST! Hope others will vote because you deserve to win.

  • Jabtano

    eh, voted before and voted again..maybe better this time seeing how we have more time to pull it out than we did before.

  • Jeanjean

    Done !

  • Janetb


    I heartily agree with Cyber-Geek–all dotTech regulars should vote! Ashraf, I know it goes against your natural modesty, but couldn’t you send out a mailing to all regulars asking them to vote…? You can say that the members wanted you to do so….When it comes right down to it, your voting audience is probably just the people on your list, so we should do what we can to make sure they know about the vote and how to vote…..

  • With my vote dottech is only 10 behind the leader.

    Good Luck !

  • Diego Garcia

    I just voted for your site, Ashraf… Thanks for everything, and I’m hoping you win (my vote was 85, it’s close).

  • Congratulations!!!!

    You deserve it.

  • cyber-geek

    i voted and your numbers are getting up there, but not what i expected to see. all of your site’s visitors would do well to sign up and vote. obviously this would be a big endorsement that would bring future revenue toward keeping this site up and running.

  • o(o.o)o

    you’ve got the thumbs up on my book :D

  • Ryan

    Hi Ashraf,

    Voted. Now you have 78 votes. Good luck!!!

  • Mohammed Sarhan

    Voted 4 times in all dottech competitions
    You have to put other links

  • Janet

    We’re still in second place, but it is now 59 to 64….:-)….!

  • Rowdy

    I’m happy to vote for you; your info is very useful and practical and I appreciate your efforts very much. However, the voter registration isn’t accepting my input, even after numerous tries. :^(
    I’ll try again later – you are the best!!

  • azrael789

    4 votes from Belgium :). I discovered this site only about two weeks back and I’m very disappointed i didn’t learn about it earlier. Thanks for everything man!

  • future hacker

    Hi Ashraf, I’ll vote for you and I hope you’ll win this time. If not, I’ll vote for you in 2011!

  • MerryMarjie

    Ashraf, you’re too modest! There is also a category for “Best Blogging Host,” and you’ve been nominated for that award, so I voted in that category, also.

  • Graham

    Sorry – the website is too unfriendly to me – I can’t get in. Will keep trying.

  • Youngatheart1946

    G’day Ashraf, you just got my vote from Australia- Mate. Best of luck in the poll, you thoroughly deserve all the accolades one can get. I agree with OldElmerFud that you are already NUMERO UNO in our books.

  • OldElmerFudd

    Pleased to be included. You’ve already won, in my book.

  • Adrian

    Voted. Hope you win Ashraf :)!

  • Wheezer

    It’s really not hard to vote, and the only info people have to provide that gets checked is the email address. They send an account verification email to you, and you have to click the link. Just like we all do for a lot of the free programs we get from sites that Ashraf finds and tells us about.

    There’s a good tip/suggestion in the thread in the forum too (see Karen’s reply). You just have to get past my complaining about not being able to vote for some unknown reason. The problem is fixed, so I have been able to vote.

    I think it’d be great to make sure that Ashraf wins this thing this year. In my opinion, for what it’s worth, he’s put in more time giving us good advise, reviews, and free program promos than 99.9% of the people on earth would consider giving. He deserves some recognition!

    In case you want to see that “tip/suggestion” that I mentioned is in the thread in the forum, here’s a like:

    So thanks to everyone that has already voted, and to those that will vote soon!

    And thanks for the mention Ashraf. Like somebody else said once before, it’s kinda cool to get mentioned in one of your articles. :-)

  • Hey this article looks kind of like a copy and paste job from the other article.. cheater. :D
    Just kidding, Ashraf.