New Snapchat update brings forth a replay feature


There’s a new update for Snapchat that brings to the table a number of new features. The most notable of the bunch is the ability to review the most recent messages in your feed. For many users, this might force them to think twice of what their Snapchatting. You know yourselves, so don’t pretend as if ya’ll don’t have the slightest idea of what I’m talking about here.

To take advantage of the replay feature, recipients must first option-in as it is not on by default. Furthermore, it only gives the recipient one extra look at the message, after that it will no longer be available on Snapchat’s servers. The updates we failed to mention so far includes front-facing flash, larger Helvetica caption font, smart filters, option for up to 7 best friends, and finally color and black-and-white visual filters.

Snapchat’s new update comes around at the right time as Instagram is aiming right for its jugular due to a failed buyout attempt by Facebook.

My personal thoughts on this update are that Snapchat should be careful of making things so elaborate, or risk removing the whole point of the service, which is to send private messages that doesn’t linger on Snapchat’s server after being viewed once.

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