How geeks celebrate Christmas [Comic]


I’m one of those persons who will tell you about the Pagan origins of Christmas and how much Santa isn’t real. My youngest sibling is only 8 years old, and she doesn’t believe in any of it because I broke the news on her 5th birthday. My thoughts are always, “how do I reach these keeeds.” I’m such a nice guy.

[via Pablo Stanley]

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  • WildCat

    [@Keith H.] That’s much better than… Because he tucks his beard in his underwear.

  • Keith H.

    You know why Santa’s always jolly?

    He knows where all the naughty girls live…..

  • Ashraf

    [@etim] Dot, dot, dot.

  • etim

    Why doesn’t Santa have any children?
    Because he only comes once a year–and then it’s down a chimney.