Vermont and Massachusetts want their money back from contractor


The story of the woes that the website has suffered over the past few months are well known and many people are still unhappy with how it was rolled out. Two states, Vermont and Massachusetts, have taken this one step further and are seeking legal action to try and get their money back.

According to the Boston Globe, it was CGI Federal who were the contractors given the task of setting up the website for President Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act. The site was delivered late and has had a plethora of bugs and problems, including not being able to handle the amount of people who wanted to use it as well as signing people up for the wrong program.

In Vermont, they weren’t able to get the site to work until two months after it was brought “online”. Because of this they are keeping over $5.1 million in payments and considering levying charges that would be over a million as well.

“I’ve lost confidence in the contractors that were supposed to deliver a fully functioning website on Oct. 1,”  Peter Shumlin, who is Vermont’s Governor, said. “I’m going to continue to hold their feet to the fire until they get it right.”

Massachusetts’ site also had problems and they have only paid CGI Federal $11 million so far. The full contract is supposed to cost $69 million, but the state refuses to pay it until the site is working perfectly. They are also considering legal action as well.

[via The Verge, Boston Globe, image via X Daniel Rehn’s flickr]

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