Pulp Fiction reimagined in 8-bit style

pulp fiction black and white

Pulp Fiction, the classic movie which is now roughly 20 years old, has been re-imagined by CineFix, and its in 8-bit style.

The video, which is 2 and a half minutes long, recreates several of the more famous scenes from the movie and does so with great style and humor. Its definitely interesting and funny to watch them put some of the scenes into video game concept, and by the end I really wish there was a Pulp Fiction 8-bit video game.

Check out the video:

This is yet another video from CineFix’ Youtube channel, and the series is called 8 Bit Cinema. They have also made videos for several other movies, including The Hunger Games, Thor, The Shining and Finding Nemo.

[via Polygon, image via ups2006’s flickr]

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