Photoshop Creative Cloud will now have 3D printing capabilities


Adobe has stepped into the 3D printing world by adding features to Photoshop CC that allows the program to design 3D objects.

Adobe announced the news yesterday and if you have the Creative Cloud Photoshop program you will be able to use it right away. Photoshop CC will now give you design options and the the ability to colorize and add textures to 3D design.

It isn’t a full-stop shop for 3D design, but rather Adobe has meant for it to be used just before a 3D object is printed. They have included an option which is called automated mesh repair, which will alert people before they print, and let them know if their designs are unsound structurally.


“This is going to be an exciting opportunity for our consumer base. And it’s going to have a big impact on 3D printing industry as well,” Andy Lauta, who is product manager for Adobe, said during a press conference.

Adobe has formed connections with popular companies in the 3D printing world like MakerBot, Shapeways, and have also included the ability to upload designs to Sketchfab, which is aiming to become the “Youtube of 3D printed designs”.

[via VentureBeat]

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