Norway students play The Walking Dead video game in class

walking dead

It seems that in Norway, a teacher at Nordahl Grieg high school is actually allowing his/her students to play The Walking Dead video game.

In what can be seen as a definite changing of the times, Tobias Staaby came up with the idea to have his students play Telltale’s very popular episodic video game as a way to study dilemmas of an ethical nature.

Thanks to a translation provided by Google, Staaby said that the “The Walking Dead presents some dilemmas (the students) would not have thought of otherwise. That makes their answers to a greater extent their own.” He added that “I thought I would get angry phone calls from a mother or father. But so far I have not gotten it.”

It is definitely an interesting idea. A lot of video games are famous for presenting players with ethical dilemmas and from that standpoint and even a philosophical one as well they may prove to be great teaching tools in the future. It’s also a great way to ensure that the students are engaged in what they are doing, and trust me from experience, The Walking Dead video game is incredibly engaging.

[via Polygon, International Business Times]

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