Xbox One game Dead Rising 3 is getting a ridiculous 13GB “patch”


Zombie-fest Dead Rising 3 on Xbox One is getting a patch today, and it’s a little bigger than most patches that you might be used to. 13GB to be exact.

If most patches come in at around a couple of hundred megabytes or even a gig or two, Dead Rising‘s patch is just as large as entire games. According to executive producer Josh Bridge, the update contains things like gameplay tweaks and stability and performance fixes. It also ensures compatibility with the game’s upcoming DLC, set to be released tomorrow.

Despite all that, reports are coming that claim that after the patch is applied, it only adds around 2GB worth to the game’s total install size — suggesting that a large amount of the data is being used to replace content. Whether that means developer Capcom Vancouver could have cut down on the patch’s size is still unknown, but those with slower connections or strict bandwidth caps are going to have to deal with a lot of data if they want to continue their zombie-slaying activities online.

[via Kotaku]

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