Samsung Galaxy S5 home screen is leaked, might include fingerprint sensor like iPhone 5s


If we’re following Samsung’s usual timeline, we’re only a couple of months away from seeing the Galaxy S5. That could also very well be the reason why rumors and leaks regarding the device have ratcheted up, including this latest one courtesy of @evleaks.

These screenshots are reportedly what the Galaxy S5’s home screen will look like. It’s vastly different from the current TouchWiz look, and even slightly resembles Microsoft’s Metro UI. Big rectangles displaying content that’s constantly updated? Sounds a little like Windows Phone too. And judging by the look of the recently unveiled Galaxy Tab Pro and Galaxy Note Pro, this look fits right in with Samsung’s new look.

In addition to the leaked home screen, The Korea Herald is also reporting that the Galaxy S5 might include a fingerprint sensor, similar to that of the iPhone 5s’ Touch ID. Prior reports claimed that Samsung would be opting for an iris scanner in its flagship phone, but closer analysis of that tech has revealed that current camera modules might not be up to the task without significant retooling.

With both the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy S4 having announcements that took place in March, it might not be much longer before we see if any of these rumors come to fruition.

[via @evleaks, Mac Rumors]

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  • sl0j0n

    <Hello, "Joleca".
    Just wanted to say your avatar is hilarious.
    Thanks for the laugh.
    Have a GREAT day, neighbor!

  • Joleca

    If it looks like that, I’ll stay with my GS3… I had a phone running Windows Mobile 6.1 and loved it… When the new Windows Phone came out, I “played” with one for almost 4 hours and couldn’t find anything useful. So Switched to Android with the GS3 for a “usable” phone.

    If I wanted a Windows phone (or an Apple) I’d buy one… I hated both of them so went with Android and the GS3.. Don’t ruin something that is already better than the competition!!!