broke my software

This woman is quite smart and her intent is clear. She will sue if her software is not fixed. While I look down at her with disgust, I could see where she could win a case against these guys. The problem with the software is known, so why hasn’t it been fixed? Think about it.

[via Reddit]

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  • naveed

    The user definitely has an attitude problem, no question. But the software is poorly written as well, it has memory leaks. This might be written by a different company than the support company and might not be the support company’s fault, but the fundamental problem here is the software not the user.

  • sl0j0n

    Hello, “Vamien McKalin “.
    Interesting story, because it illustrates a huge problem in ‘society’ today.
    Seems the “Luser’s” biggest problem is the state of her own mind, not the software, the tech support, or any other factor.
    Even after being informed [re-informed?] of the actual situation, its cause, and the necessary ‘fix’, she still has the mindset that it could not possibly be her fault, or anything she did, or did not do, but *must* be the ‘evil’ software company.
    Reminds me of those people that think they can argue with God, if you know what I mean.
    Hopefully the ‘tech’ won’t have to deal with her abuse again, but people like that often make a habit of causing problems for themselves and others.
    Have a GREAT day, neighbor!