Six decades of global warming, according to NASA [Video]

The global warming danger is either real or the biggest bullshit since evolution. If it is, then good God we have totally destroyed the Earth. If not… well, then good thing Al Gore didn’t become president.

Not to worry, someone among us will have to open a portal to Pandora. How about it, “etim”?

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  • mutonic2

    @ nmgb

    Thanks for that link nmgb, very interesting!

  • nmgb
  • J C Graham

    If Global Climate Change née Global Warming was anything but a fraud, Al Gore would be happy to debate it.

    But he won’t. Never has and although challenged many times never will. He prefers to run and hide. (Actually that should read “jet to and hide” — in one of his three ginormous houses or aboard his likewise ginormous yacht.)

    What a liar and hypocrite!

  • J C Graham

    “We just started the ‘global warming/CO2? rumors ’cause it was something y’all could wrap your lazy brains around.”

    Actually it was a power grab and wealth redistribution scheme by the Left. Otherwise it wouldn’t have to be supported by Michael Mann’s hockey stick and the East Anglia email lies.

  • Grantwhy
  • etim

    “Not to worry, someone among us will have to open a portal to Pandora. How about it, “etim”?”
    No portals for you clowns. Not till you learn to use the tech we’ve already given you responsibly.
    We just started the ‘global warming/CO2′ rumors ’cause it was something y’all could wrap your lazy brains around.
    The real problems are the heavy metals and other poisons you’re pumping into the air, water and food supply along with the CO2.

  • mutonic2

    Check this out:

    Or this:

    Or this:

    1974: Time blames “polar vortex” on global cooling

    2014: Time blames “polar vortex” on global warming

    Global warming is a load of hot air !! (pun intended)

  • Peter

    I’m sure, just before we will have kicked ourselves out of this biosphere, some patent troll will write “Global Warming™” into the sands of one of the freshly created deserts.

  • n.n

    Evolution is not bullshit. The “theory of evolution” may be bullshit. It’s description of origin, speciation, etc. is based on a permanent condition of limited, circumstantial evidence. We can infer a wide range of plausible scenarios from the emergent patterns. However, evolutionary principles are observable and reproducible within a single generation of human development and in less time with simpler organisms.

    As for the Eath’s system, it is described by a chaotic process. It is nonlinear and bounded, with semi-stable states, which can be modeled statistically, but become incoherent with changing inputs and outputs. It is chaotic by virtue of being incompletely characterized and unwieldy.

    As for local and regional warming, or an average but sporadic global warming, we should hope so. There is a very good reason why the majority of Earth’s population, especially humans, live near the equatorial region. We are better capable of mitigating the risk of warm rather than cold temperatures.

    Also, the Earth has been warming progressively (i.e. monotonically) for several hundred years, and steadily for several thousand years. Perhaps global warming should be attributed to man’s discovery and exploitation of fire.