FBI is using seized TorMail database for investigations, according to report


The Freedom Hosting bust made by the FBI led to the capture of the TorMail email database, and it seems that they are now using it for other unrelated cases.

The bust was part of an investigation into a child porn ring, one headed up by Eric Eoin Marques, and through it the FBI was able to get their hands on the entire database of TorMail. which is an underground email service that is accessed through a .Tor browser and is supposed to be anonymous.

Last week a man in Florida was charged with selling counterfeit credit cards over the internet. Part of the FBI’s case was built through a search warrant on one of the Gmail account of one of the counterfeiters. On that account Federal agents found the orders for forged credit cards, and they were being sent an email account that was on the TorMail database.

Now the FBI did execute a warrant before looking through the Gmail account, but it does suggest that the FBI are using similar mass data collection techniques that the NSA has become so infamous for as of late.

[via Wired, The Verge]

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