Video game developers are scanning our entire planet with drones


This is ReRoll, an incredible if not ambitious video game from ex-Ubisoft Montreal developers. Julien Cuny and Louis-Pierre Pharand’s idea behind ReRoll is that a post-apocalyptic action RPG that’s set in real-life Earth would be more thrilling and more fun. Imagine walking across your own city in-game, or even defending your own house.

In order to reproduce our planet accurately, the newly formed studio Pixyul is enlisting the help of consumer-class drones. Using the drones, the developers can scan Earth one square-kilometer at a time, a lengthy process that will undoubtedly become more difficult when the laws regarding drones is put into the equation. Despite that, Pixyul thinks that small islands can be very fun playgrounds and while the team plans to start small, ReRoll will continue to grow.

In terms of actual gameplay, ReRoll is all about survival. Players will be able to learn different skills like scavenging, gardening and raising animals. Tools like weapons, vehicles and shelter can be purchased, but players will also eventually learn to craft new items and learn new skills. The goal is to craft, explore and survive.

The first portion of ReRoll is scheduled to be released in mid-2015.

[via IGN]

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